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Thread: Stalking experience in and around Leicestershire

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    Stalking experience in and around Leicestershire


    I am new to stalking and new to this site, I just want to be clear that I am not putting this post up to get stalking!, as I know it's not the right way to do it. What I am after is if anyone would like to pass on some knowledge and experience to a keen shooter.

    A little info on me, I only started stalking this year, I do own my own rifles .270 on closed ticket, And rimfire rifles. I started off shooting shotguns doing pigeon pest control for a friend who owns a farm, He owns rifles and took me out rabbit shooting and got me hooked on rifles.

    THe way I got into stalking is, I have friends who shoot deer and are syndicate members, After talking in the pub to them many times about it, I decided I wanted to have a go and booked a stalk with a guide to see what it was like. I went on my first stalk with the guide and unfortunately I didn't get a deer, We saw plenty but none were shootable.
    After my first outing I decided it was something I would like to get into, So I put in for my firearms licence and after much reading and discussions with my stalking friends I chose .270. (The reason I cannot go with my friends who stalk is there syndicate won't let people even go and watch and they have no private land to shoot)

    anyway way to date I have carried out 7 stalks and have managed to grass one munty which I am proud of, It was a lung shot and went know we're it was dead on the spot. I have at least 4 more stalks booked this year and no doubt I will do more. Stalking is addictive and I am finding myself booking one a month!! I am planning on doing my DSC course at the beginning of next year. So basically I am asking is there anyone on this site around Leicestershire or a hours drive away that is willing to have a shadow, I do not want to shoot at all, I just want to shadow you and learn from you, From how to stalk onto a deer different shot placements and the preparation of the deer after its shot.

    My my plan is to eventually join a syndicate if I can find one or just carry on as I am and pay for stalking with guides.

    If anyone can help me out I would come meet you before you even took me out and have a chat and a pint so you can ask me any questions that you may have.


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    Drop me a PM with your mobile number.

    I do not have any ground near you, but you are welcome to come down to meet me and we can arrange a stalk later in the winter on Fallow/Roe.

    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    To make amends and to try to prove I'm not a total tw@t, if Newmarket neck of the woods is acheivable (perhaps not? but it's got to be about an hour depending on where you are, drop me a PM..... Reds will be in season as of the 1st..... Extra hand for dragging always help.
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