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Thread: WIRE HAIRED VIZLA pup training?

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    WIRE HAIRED VIZLA pup training?

    Hi All

    Have a 6 month old WHV that i am training for general beating and retrieving. Would like to know more and learn about training him for tracking any suggestions?

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    get his nose on the deck from the start use larger species of deer cleave to lay a track start off with a skin from the same animal to drag a little get him interested and work up slowly don't be in a rush, any help you need just ask,enjoy your time, wayne
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    Thanks for your advise, i will try him out next chance i get!

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    My HWHV is 2yr old now and i started him off for first 12 mths on deer stalking and deer tracking. Vizsla's tend to be late developers so don't expect too much too soon. After 12 mths i took him beating and he started pointing pheasants, woodcock etc. He is now dogging-in every morning and loves it. He picks up and retreives dead birds to hand although that took a bit of extra training at home with an emulsion roller and expert advice! The breed is a bird dog and i have to say he is stronger with birds than deer but it is a versatile breed and whilst he may not be up to BMH standard in getting his nose to the ground and following a blood trail religiously he does find the dead deer. The last roe i shot disappeared and i took him to strike and on this occasion i didn't use the harness and lead but let him off. He air scented the deer and ran in a big arc and came back behind me where he found the dead deer. I would have put money on the deer running for a distance on the line it took off on as he had seen me and went off like a rocket. The same situation applied to a pheasant runner which i thought went one way and tried to send him that way but his nose knew different. and he went off picked it. I am beginning to realise what is meant by "Trust your Dog". One last thing make training fun, Vizsla's can be moody.

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    Feed him the offal of any deer you get

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    Basically DO NOT PANIC HWVs are slow learners as they mature late and can get put off easily by a failure (never let him fail)Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    (never let him fail)
    The above words are the key with HPR's, never set a dog up to fail (should not have been in brackets!!)

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