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Thread: American Lion Shooter

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    American Lion Shooter

    The American who shot a 'favourite' lion after it was 'lured' out of a national nature reserve in Zimbabwe is not helping the cause of other hunters.
    Not my scene, even if I could afford it, shooting anything with a crossbow and following it for 24 hours before being able to despatch it with a rifle.
    This incident is likely to destroy his medical career, despite being a hunter of large game for years, so strong is the reaction worldwide on social media.
    I think I regret his actions, past and recent past, almost as much as I regret the rise of 'social media'. If the future of many animals didnt lie in part in paying hunters then I would find it distasteful - or is lion the next gourmet delicacy ?

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    I thought it was a Spaniard?

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    Was it a crossbow or a bow (afaik he's a fairly experienced bow shooter)?

    tracked for 40 hours not 24

    not sure it will have any effect on his medical career whatsoever, he's never made a secret of the fact that he's a big-game hunter before now......

    certainly not covered himself in glory with this $hit storm and done everyone involved in hunting in Africa not favours at all!

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    According to reports he had previously broken some US hunting laws.

    He failed to land a killer shot on Cecil with his arrow and the animal was tracked and killed 40 hours later by a firearm. It has not been stated whether he took part in the 40 hour tracking or in the coup de grace. It would appear that his only contribution (other then paying the alleged premium to secure the target animal) was to lay in wait at a baited area to wound the hapless lion with an arrow.

    He has stated that he now regrets the death of Cecil.

    By having the lion baited to lure him out of the protected reserve, and to keep it in range at the "wounding" point, it is hard for me to regard the hapless "bowhunter" as a hunter at all. Trophy hunter certainly, but game hunter?

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    Hardly impressive and not a good representation for hunting, especially with a bow!

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    Why do these F'in idiots have to do it?
    Not only does it look bad for the hunter a great deal of it rubs off on the sensible game and vermin shooter regardless of where we are in the world.
    The Lion was shot with a bow and arrow device, was not dead and took 40 hours to find. This may be press talk but it sticks in the memory all the same.
    The sooner all types of 'trophy hunting' are dropped the better, yes and that includes British deer trophies just taken for the satisfaction of shooting a good head without regard to the need to cull.
    How's your end of the gene pool today?

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    On a tablet at the moment. Pain in the bottom to cut and paste. Can others help with the below? I am surprised the press with all their researchers can't seem to find this article.

    Minnesota man pleads guilty to lying about bear hunting trip - Bear hunting - The Outdoors Forum

    As an earlier post says, the dentist has form, illegally shooting a bear in the USA. There is the link above.
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    Most regrettable that the individual made a shot which was not effective, and for the associated negative press, regardless of his chosen means of take. Please God that any and all shots any of us take are 100%

    First rule of sub-Saharan conservation for all non-[White] Africans; if it pays, it stays.

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    Not entirely sure i see the big problem, yes it's a PR disaster but most of that will not be actual fact and there will be a lot of spinning going on.

    A lot of these nature reserves esp with high visitor/safari numbers have to high a predator population anyway, many have to buy in prey items (antelope etc) to keep the preadators from starving or moving away as they are the big attraction for tourists. There is now a business in rearing 'loin food' to be sold and released in the big reserves

    Yes the boy has ****ed up god and proper but he could have pulled his rifle shot just as easy.
    As for sitting on a baited point (not wot i'd want to do or pay big money for) but many of us will do it for foxes or boar, so wot's the difference?
    How many sit feeders/bait points near to a neighbours ground?

    Even the tracking point, far from ideal and not a good outcome, but look at the european driven hunts a 40hr delay before the track is even started is not unheard of and the hounds are capable of it. But how many folk go over there to shoot drivern game?

    Are we just as big a hypocrites in critising this as the antis?
    Because a lion seems cute/impressive they're is still a need to manage them, as long as done sustainably and humanely (which unfortunaetly wasnae the case here, ut doubt that was the intention)

    As for trophy hunting not my thing (or my wallets) but will bring in massive revinue to estates and the simple fact is to have a sustainable and continous supply of trophies the ground and deer/animal population must be relatively well managed.
    Wot can u complain about that.
    I used to be against trophy hunting but now i can see the benefits for the estate and herd, while still not my thing estate would never survive if they depended on money from people like me or 'affordable' stalking

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    This Lion was being "Managed" it was wearing a tracking collar.
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