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Thread: Another Blinding Weekend Thanks To Sikamalc

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    Another Blinding Weekend Thanks To Sikamalc

    Our own Sikamalc and Sandra put on another amazing weekend for me down in Sussex. I originally planned for two stalks, Saturday morning and again in the evening with the company of “Pheasant Sniper 1” but unfortunately he has a serious injury to his back through lifting a deer and was unable to make the trip. (Hope you are soon up and running again Terry mate)

    I arrived Friday late afternoon and Malcolm thought it a good idea to go for a look see. I took my rifle along and during the stalk we saw nine Roe deer in total, seven doe’s and two bucks both of which were un-shoot able due to the long range. It was also noticed that nothing presented itself until almost last light. The evening was not totally unproductive as Malcolm spotted a fox around three hundred yards away and squeaked it in. It came towards us at full throttle and Malc had to shout aloud to stop it in it’s tracks at about a hundred yards away from us. Pleased with my shot we had ourselves a dog fox which would also please the gamekeeper.

    The following morning “Oberon” joined us for the early stalk. Although the weather was forecast as nice we could do nothing about the thick fog. “Oberon the deer magnet” was in a high seat and he had grassed one within the first hour.
    Morning over I went with along with Malc and Sandra to tweak and fine tune her new Browning rifle. It did not take long for Sandra to present a group that would put a lot of people to shame. I was pleased that I left my rifle at the lodge and wasn’t asked for a challenge!

    That evening I was out on my last stalk with Malcolm leading the way. After many minutes glassing Malc spotted three Roe some distance away, one was a young buck and now a very long stalk commenced. We had to stalk them over three extremely large fields with not a lot of cover and this is where Malcs excellent field craft put me within a hundred yards of the buck. I had to be quick because they seldom stopped to present themselves. I took the shot standing off of my sticks and that unmistakable thud was heard. I confess that I hit it slightly back and was beckoned forward to take a head shot to dispatch it and that was my very first buck of the season. All the while, the famous Todd, Malc’s Bavarian hound was doing what he does best to insure that the buck was going know where .
    On our way back another buck was spotted and this was equally as difficult to get onto. My next confession, I totally cocked up and completely missed at a hundred yards off my sticks. I felt sorry for Malcolm as he had done his bit getting me into this position.
    The whole weekend was immensely enjoyable and I went away on a high. I have set myself a goal on my never ending learning curve and that is to practise those longer standing shots of my sticks at around the hundred yards so that it all becomes natural and boosts my confidence as I realise deer don’t stand around like a paper target.

    Thank you so much for a memorial weekend.

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    Hi Steve..

    Glad you had a great time with Malc, Sandra and Ken..

    First time ive missed a stalking trip and was gutted mate..

    Great write up and very honest fella..

    Thank you so much for a memorial weekend

    Im sure it was a memorial weekend for the deer buddy

    Hope we get to meet uplater in the year


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    A very honst write up PC My mates who first took me stalking made me practise shooting targets, then foxes, off sticks before they ever let me shoot a deer. It is something i still practise, as i can all to easily suffer from buck/fox/doe fever.

    I am glad you had a good time, well deserved i am sure

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Glad to hear you had a good result in the end, well done.


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