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Thread: Swazi Tahr Sizing Help

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    Swazi Tahr Sizing Help

    Hello all,

    I've been after a Swazi Tahr XP for years now after first reading about them on this forum, it seems to be the ideal stalking jacket. Now that my brother and his girlfriend are travelling to New Zealand next month it's the ideal opportunity for them to pick me one up and either post it back in plain packaging or carry it back to avoid the UK customs charge.

    My main concern now is selecting the right size for me since it's such a lot of money and it is coming such a long way! I am 5 foot 10 inches, 13 stone (83 kg) and have a chest measurement of 40 inches. I am a medium for most items of clothing with the odd large item. I see that the Swazi size guide states that a medium corresponds to a 39.5 chest but I'm not sure if this accounts for a couple of layers underneath? I'm also keen for the smock to last me for the next 10++ years so I'm aware I may expand a bit in that time as I am only 22 at the moment. However, I really don't want a baggy jacket with just a t-shirt on which will get in the way when manoeuvring with the rifle or when shotgun shooting etc.

    Ideally I'd like the guys who have medium and large Tahr smocks to comment on the sizing compared to your size and my measurements above, this would be a great help!

    Many thanks in advance,


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    I ordered a Tahr XP last year. After emailing Swazi I plumped for a Large but it proved to be too big, even if layered up underneath. I am a similar size to you but am normally a large for most UK stuff. They obviously breed those Kiwis big out there!!

    I would say definitely go for a Medium, which is exactly what I will be doing when the opportunity comes up again.
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    I'm similar size, but 43 chest. I had an older Swazi tahr in large that was a bit snug, xl would have fitted better.

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    I would keep a eye on the exchange rate, it is certainly getting better for us!

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    Thanks for your help folks!

    Looks like medium will be the way to go for me. I've had a couple of PMs from members with recommendations as well, one of which has kindly offered for me to try his on so will hopefully get that sorted out!

    Yeah I'm aware that the pound is strong against the NZD at the moment, not too sure how much further it'll go but will be interesting to see. I need to buy it in September/October either way while my brother is over there, fingers crossed.



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    I've just received an order from Swazi and as a guide it took a fortnight the last order was around ten days. One other thing to be aware of is the import duty, you'll probably receive a letter from parcelforce asking for a release fee its just a percentage of the value of the shipment, wont be too bad just be prepared. The shipment comes via NZ Postal Service then parcelforce our end.

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    If you have any worries just email Swazi, I have done and they are incredibly helpful. Just send them your measurements and they will advise.

    I have two bush shirts and two dough roasters and will be buying more kit as funds allow, they are really good quality.

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