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Thread: Sonic mod for .243

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    Sonic mod for .243


    I am having an issue with my moderator and wondering whether or not anyone else has seen similar issues or can advise.

    My rifle is new and been used three times to date, each time used everything is cleaned as per normal cleaning instructions and put away. Two weeks ago I took rifle out again and attached the moderator which resulted in a grinding noise coming from the thread of the mod. Took it off and it left a load of rust like deposits on the rifle thread. So cleaned it all and put it back together no issues, went out and used it and came home cleaned everything again taking more care over the thread of the mod. Once cleaned I oiled the thread and put it away. Again today I took it out and the thread of the mod is covered in a brown metallic rust like deposit again.

    Is this normal? Should I be doing something different when cleaning it? How do you stop it from occurring?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    How do you store the mod when not on the rifle?

    Are you putting it in the airing cupboard or somewhere warm to help evaporate out the corrosive gases?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Farmerjoe View Post
    How do you store the mod when not on the rifle?

    Are you putting it in the airing cupboard or somewhere warm to help evaporate out the corrosive gases?


    Just to add to this - When you have finished cleaning the rifle wipe a thin smear of gun grease on the barrel threads. When you next use the rifle and moderator this thin smear of grease will also put a thin even smear of grease on the moderator threads and help towards stopping any moisture settling on the moderators thread!

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    I just store it in a safe on top of the gun cabinet which is going to be no warmer than room temperature. Although I may start moving it now to somewhere warmer.... Makes sense. Thanking you

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    Why didn't I think of that? Good idea as well. Thanking you as well.

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    Use grease on the threads, not oil. Oil may burn and leave the residue you describe as looking like rust?

    The grease burns at a higher temperature.

    That's what an RFD told me anyway.

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    Copper slip is good on mod threads - isn't affected as much by heat either so easier to get off.....

    The rust-type particles you're seeing is oxidised unburnt propellant that's reacted inside the mod once stored and cool - a good blast with WD-40 in the mod once cool is the best way to keep mods healthy, I've found
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    also store the mod muzzle down if youve shot/cleaned it as all the crud will flow away from the threads ,atb doug,
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