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Thread: Wanted thermal spotter

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    Wanted thermal spotter

    Hi all as title Iam looking for a thermal spotter anything considered cheers

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    Quote Originally Posted by yozzer1982 View Post
    Hi all as title Iam looking for a thermal spotter anything considered cheers
    What's the budget?? Can recommend the pulsar hds takes a while to learn to read thermal images but well worth it


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    Cheers guys I was looking at the has/xds thermals on Scott country websites they look pretty decent Iam probably best nipping in to see the guys next time Iam in Dumfries


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    Quote Originally Posted by Sendero25/06 View Post
    Xds is beter

    Haha yea that's what I meant!!! Oops my bad!

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    Try Grahams in Inverness for an HD38s or an HD50s - very good prices
    Re HDs v XDs, The XDs is more more money for the same level of performance and IMHO not worth it.
    Both use the same lens, detector and near eye display, and those are by far the most important elements of a thermal imager.
    False colour, available on the XDs is IMHO a waste of time because:
    a. The unit can display many more shades of grey than it can colours
    b. The human eye can differentiate between many more shades of grey than between different colours.
    Those two facts mean that a black and white image provides much more detail than a colour image.
    The faster 50 hz refresh rate available on the XDs will not be noticeable unless you want to video and then play back in slow motion - for most people, 25-30Hz creates a smooth moving image
    c. The stadiametric range finder on the XDs model is interesting and could be useful, but not necessary, as the "skill" of range estimation comes with use of the equipment.



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