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Thread: Sussex with Sika malc

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    Sussex with Sika malc

    My son Dean And myself headed down to Sussex for some much needed stalk time, I'm been stalking with malc for a few years now and always enjoy meeting up with him ,
    The weather was pretty rough on the Friday with heavy rain all day, sat morning was much the same, stopping around 5 o'clock , manage to get out into the fields for a look, every field had its share of does , most with twins in toe, Dean and Tom also reported does every where , but for some reason no buck showing, we was hoping the rut was going to kick in but I think we was a bit early! Dean and tom managed to stalk onto a 6 point buck but he slipped away before they had a chance.
    sat evening we was out on the ground , I have mentioned to malc over the last couple of seasons I would like to try for a medal buck, so we was on the look out for a big fella, malc knows his ground well and has some good bucks, so we was hanging out in there territory hoping one might show.
    About an hour before dark we made our way to a corner of a field where there is a big buck residing , Malc headed back to pick up his truck , so I sat in a high seat for the last hour, looking over my shoulder I noticed a buck walking out from the wood , I thought for a second the big boy showed himself , but a quick look it was a cull buck, swung The rifle over and buck was down
    it just goes to show I walked over to where I thought the deer was laying and I could not find it
    i lined up the seat and looked again but again no deer, Malc returned and he said he had heard the shot, Malcs dog Todd was tracking for a few minutes and he found it no problem.
    returning to the bothy Dean had managed to stalk the 6 point buck they had seen in the morning and Heart shot it at 60 yards, Great evening with Father and son with a buck each. I will up load a couple of photos soon . ATB Malc and Tom
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    Well done, nice write up.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheer Chris,

    Good to stalk with both you and Dean again. This Roe rut seems to be hanging in there, and hopefully it will be well in next week. Still not a bad result again, especially as the weather was against us, 2 outings each and a buck each is pretty good going.

    Tom worked his magic again and although we didn't get a big boy we still got the results. Hope to see you back in the winter on the Fallow and Roe.

    Best wishes

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    A nice read mty plus the bonus of a farther and son event priceless

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