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Thread: Sako p94s finnfire deluxe .22LR

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    Sako p94s finnfire deluxe .22LR

    Up for sale is a lightly used sako p94s original finnfire deluxe in .22LR suburb condition and lovely wood that's in perfect conditionit's got the higher rollover cheek piece rather than the plain stock that most have it's a factory length barrel with factory muzzle thread 1/2 unf I've got the rear sight if you wanted to put it back on but I don't have the front I don't no where it has gone also includes the 5 round mag

    includes a 6-18 x 40 Adjustable objective millet scope with a fine crosshair

    condition id say is an 8 out of 10 if I was being really picky

    age of rifle is at a guess would be 20 odd years old

    round count I couldn't say but the bluing on the bolt is not worn off so I wouldn't have thaught it's had a lot of use

    pictures I can email

    Doesn't come with mod or bipod

    im asking 550 due to condition

    usual FAC rules apply and I might RFD in with the cost
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    Bump and price drop will now include a scope as per listing
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    Provisionally sold Ldc1982 pending usual

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    Now sold and gone , was a pleasure meeting LDC1982 whether I've done the right thing by selling I don't no yet oh well

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