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Thread: Digital Scales & Powder Dispensers.

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    Digital Scales & Powder Dispensers.

    Hi are any of you using the above,like to here your veiws,pros and cons speeds etc.

    Thanks ACJ.

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    For me , home loading is a chore , I do it initially due to lack of availability of factory stuff , but wanted accuracy & cost effective shooting ,
    So I use Lyman gen6 powder dispenser & scales for quickness , it may be lazy but works for me


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    And to add I got it from him

    Cracking deal & service

    Ass another add,
    My brother has the RCBS version charge after combo & mine seems to be as accurate ..... Plus cheaper


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    I use a Lyman DPS3 and a Hornady Lock N Load Auto Charge Powder Dispenser. They are both brilliant bits of kit and I would never go back to my old way of reloading. The Lyman is fast and throws the next charge before I've finished seating a bullet.

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