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Thread: GWP x Lab advice

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    GWP x Lab advice

    Hi all

    Just looking for some advice on the above crossbreed, please don't comment if it's going to be along the lines of 'why would you cross these dogs' or 'you'll get the worst of both worlds not the best' or any other negative opinion! Any advice or knowledge from anyone who has experienced or encountered these dogs would be very much appreciated

    1. Obviously it will depend on the individual genetics etc but in general terms how 'pointy' do these dogs tend to be? I don't necessarily want to make major use of the 'point', if I did I would get a straightforward pointer, but it would be interesting to know in this crossbreed how 'diluted' the pointing aspect of the GWP and the retrieving aspect of the lab is.

    2. Again, probably varies a lot from dog to dog but does anyone have any experience with how much these dogs moult? I'm not fussy but my partner is!! Also, on that note are there general 'themes' amongst the common deer dogs (GWP, GSP, HWV, HSV, BMH, labs etc) in terms of propensity to moult?

    3. Does anyone know of any examples of this crossbreed that I could meet, preferably not too far from Somerset?!

    4. Where would be best to look for pups of this cross?

    Sorry for so many questions, but hopefully there may be someone with a bit of knowledge on some of this stuff!

    Many thanks all


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    I have a bitch, the sire was GWP and the dam a black lab. She's 18 months old and to be completely honest is far more of a pet than a working dog, but my ethos has always been to try and get her training in place as far as possible with the rarity of actual shooting that I do.
    In terms of temperament mine is just like a hyperactive Labrador. Quick to learn and eager to please, but she does have an "independent" streak which I think is usually just her intelligence showing. I'd say she's still very young for her 18 months. A lovely little affectionate dog, absolutely loves people and other dogs.
    Mine will point on deer and tracks well on cleaves and minimal blood. I've no doubt she'd be better at this if I'd been been a little more consistent with her early training, but the natural ability is definitely there.
    In aanswer to.your questions
    1. As I said, mine points on deer when stalking or woods, and can frequently be seen sniffing the air and following her nose. I've never trained her to hunt in that manner though, so I don't know how she'd do as a true pointer. She retrieves with enthusiasm and is keen as mustard, will go out and hunt for a thrown or pre-placed dummy and never comes back without it.

    2. Mine has a double coat and does moult a fair bit. Her coat has changed quite a lot since she was a pup, she's now like a direct halfway point between a lab and GWP in terms of coat length and type.

    As for 3 and 4 I can't help you. Mine came from WrensMews on here, I don't know if they have any plans to have another cross litter.
    I know others from the same litter went to members on here, and have met one belonging to Woodmaster who I know works her far more than I work mine, drop him a PM I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss.

    If you want some insights on how not to train one, my blog is full of it!
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    Can't answer many of your questions, as I have not owned one personally, but they are a very popular cross with hill keepers here in Scotland filling dual purpose rolls everything from pointing ,picking up, deer dog, and vermin trackers.

    Nature seems to be lab like with just a touch of the GWPs traits, big strong dogs lots of stamina that allows them to run day after day in a beating line on a grouse moor, something that many pure labs struggle with on a daily basis some of these dogs are on the moor five or six days a week during the season which takes a lot out of a dog.

    One of the main attractions of these dogs here in the north is that a pure GWP looks odd to say the least with a long tail (docking is 100% illegal here) where as the crosses have the GWPs stamina but just look like broken coated labs usually with the hint of a beard.

    Some have been breeding these crosses for several generations now and they seem to breed true to type, they even have a name for them believe they call them Pendle pointers.

    I for one am a fan.

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    Its a very popular cross around here with grouse keepers, some come out very shaggy others look like labs with a goatee, body type seems to go from heavyset to athletic, I've seen siblings from the same litter that show little resemblance to each other so might be worth picking a pup later rather than sooner. It also seems hit and miss weather they will point as well, a friends just started pointing naturally when he turned three, all I've seen however have had very good noses and have all worked well (on grouse), they also seem work closer than pure pointers ie: they stop before the horizon

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is Bob, from a yellow lab dog and LW GWP bitch from Wales. An ideal all round dog. He points, retrieves anything from anywhere, even foxes. Get one, you won't regret it. Just google Lab x GWP and some will come up.

    ps, he hasn't crunched the pigeon, he's very soft mouthed, but the feathers collect on his beard thru the course of the day.

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    Simplesimon - thank you for your advice, and I enjoyed reading your blog! I'll be giving Woodmaster a ring tonight to chat aswell

    Bogtrotter and Akeld - thanks for the info, I heard they were very popular up North

    Nemonnem - beautiful dog! I showed my girlfriend and she said 'that's the one!' so sounding promising if I do want to get one!

    Thanks all for the help, anyone else have any info please do share



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    I showed my girlfriend and she said 'that's the one!'


    You're on a winner then!
    Of course if you don't like a dog of whatever breed then everything else is irrelevant. I let the wife choose ours out of the litter as they were a little too young when we saw them to have much to go on. She picked the only one with a white tail tip.
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    ive had one for five years now lab dam and gwp sire ,i wanted a lab with more drive and i got what i wanted ( i said i wanted a lab with more b*lls and i got it)! he trained as easy as a lab but has a very good prey drive , he started pointing at about 10 months but no where near a strongly as a gwp ,he has been an absolute pleasure to own he is a bit firm with his hold but i think thats down to me ,he comes out stalking (his main purpose), wildfowling and also foxing ,he is black,smooth coated but thicker and a bit wirey and does not moult as bad as a lab but he does moult ! he came from a keeper who owned both dam and sire in north devon "it was an accidental mating" i also have a gwp now and they are a different kettle of fish training wise !!!! would i have another cross ? without hesitation !hes the avatar pic he is built like a stocky lab, but his sire was built like mike tyson "tapering from the neck down"

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    Simplesimon - yes true, and my girlfriend would do the same and pick one with a bit of white on!

    Glyn - That's all really good to hear mate, cheers for the info! He looks like a lovely dog!

    I would love to meet some examples of the cross, although I don't know of any particularly near here.... and also I guess I should start keeping my eye out for litters but don't know where is best to look?

    Thanks again everyone for the advice and info, keep it coming if anyone has any more


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    I've always been wholly against crossing the GWP with a lab, but even I have to admit that the cross appears to be producing some damn good versatile dogs.

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