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    Just rang Vodafone to cancel my deal and go over to Virgin/EE on to a sim only deal.

    Their cancellation dept is now called a Loyalty dept which made me chuckle, I was thinking, good luck with this!

    With a bit of haggling I was able to get a sim only deal with unlimited texts and calls and 3gb of data for 10.20 per month which is cheaper than any other provider (I had already done the research on this) and no hassle of changing cards, bank details, transfering numbers etc. Also, there will be no overlap and, as it is near the end of the month, the new deal starts in a couple of days. If I had gone to another company I would have had to give a months notice and pay for August at my old rate of 38.

    I had to commit to a 12 month deal when I really wanted a rolling monthly one in case my circumstances change over the next few months but to make up for this the salesman gave me the first three months free and agreed that if I wish to leave during the 12 months then I would only have to pay the line rental element of the fee which is about 5 a month for the remainder of the contract. Just goes to show that they have quite a bit of freedom to do deals on the hoof if you are willing to haggle.

    Before anyone says yes but Vodafone signal is pants, I agree but they are all as bad in the areas where I live and work so it doesn't make much difference.

    The two guys that I spoke to were friendly and helpful enough without pretending to be my long lost best buddy and it was a very straightforward process. I can't remember the last time that I had to deal with a big company on the phone and came away not wanting to kill someone!

    We are all quick enough to criticise companies so its only fair to praise them when something goes well.

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    Been a long term customer they were pants the last time I had an upgrade but I've stuck with em signal is a bit poo at home but surprisingly very good when I was up with Colin solwaystalker on his wee mountain .generally good signal most places .

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    Vodafone and i are going to have a "little" discussion in less than a months time.

    I am looking to upgrade and i know what i want and i know what i want to pay, so lets see if there loyalty dept wants to keep me for another 2 years!

    17yrs a customer so far and i have 2 contracts (me and the mrs) so lets see if they want to play ball!

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    BT cellnet, then vodaphone with my original number beginning 0402 .........way back since can't remember, just feck*d em off, load of tw*ts!!!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    mmm....I have to go in the loft or 100 yards up the road to get vodaphone !!!

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    No operator has reliable coverage at my house but Vodafone is the best. Still have to have a femto cell for both Vodafone and EE in the house to get coverage. Works OK until the girls hammer wifi .

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    I have just switched to Virgin Mobile and took out a new contract for an iPhone 5. They take 13 a month for 2 years only to cover the cost of the phone. The airtime with unlimited texts and about 250MB of data per month is 5 per month. So I am paying 18 per month in total now, but in 2 years it reverts to 5 per month (airtime only) unless I want an upgrade. Virgin uses the EE network, so reception is good around here.

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    I was vodafone from 1999 to 2013.
    service was average to crap most of the time but I weaseled so many replacement phones out of them I put up with them

    then they started billing me for an extra line
    no you may ask why it took 3 months to notice a 5th line on a 4 line contract but it did

    it took the 9m to stop the billing resulting in over 2k worth of refunds and sweeteners
    then the service got worse!
    we were having to run a sure signal in a City of London office above Liverpool street station and central Edinburgh just to get decent reception, it was an intermittent issue as they built new towers but unacceptable nevertheless
    Then they wanted me to pay for an iphone 4s (when the current version was 5) to replace a phone that had died inside 6m
    (I have a knack of PDT ...Particularly Destructive Testing!)

    threw my toys out of the pram and left the contract early to go to "the UK's largest provider" ...the newly merged TMobile and Orange...EE

    feck me frying pan to fire

    The fundemental aspect a mobile phone company needs to have is coverage
    They don't
    Service was as bad as Vodafone!

    2 years later I am back at Vodafone biting my fist but at least I can get signal on the West Coast, Edinburgh and Borders

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    I hate O2, I hate Vodafone, and particularly Apple products! Accidentally downloaded my inbox after landing in Paris before switching off my roaming, that stunt cost me 125 and Vodafone states I am the stupid one...two years ago my iPhone accidentally went online whilst in my pocket for 2
    hrs whilst in France, that cost me 180. I am raging Mrs forced me to get a 'proper' phone as I was never happier than with my basic 10 button pay as you go running me up to max 15/month.

    in Denmark I know a mobile contract costs around 5 to 10 per month with a similar one in the UK being 40 plus vat and calls..disgusting really.

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