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Thread: My first permission

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    My first permission

    So I have just obtained my 1st permission purely by chance (right place right time). I was at the rugby club having a drink and overheard the grounds men moaning about the pitch damage caused by all the rabbits that frequent the land. I cornered him 10 minutes later and said I am interested in helping him out with his rabbit problem, long story short I now have some land to shoot on about 15 acres, but baby steps and all that. The police still need to clear the land but hopefully that won't be an issue.

    So I have been doing a lot of 'you tubing' and reading of forums to educate myself in all things rabbit hunting. a couple of questions have popped up that I haven't really found answers for.

    1. should I gut the rabbits on the land and dispose of the guts in a bush or take everything away with me?

    2. how should I store the rabbits? can I just hang them in the garage and skin and butcher them the next day/evening. or should they be refrigerated straight away?

    3. As I'm waiting for my variation to come back I thought I'd have a few trips to the land to see what's happening at different times. is there anything I should look out for apart from the obvious (rabbits)?

    4. most shots will be within 100yards will a 3-12x50 optic be ok and should I get one with AO?

    5. rifle choice will be a 2nd hand CZ or Anschutz bolt action with mod depending on what's available on here in the next couple of weeks.

    any advice would be much appreciated


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    That's the way to do it - find shooting that is. Get out and about and ask.
    I gut mine at home, skin and joint then straight into the freezer or sell on facebook. In any case gut them the same night. I find they skin most easily if still warm.

    Your rifle choice is good. 22LR or HMR depending on your land and preference.
    22LR is near silent, cheaper to feed but limits the inexperienced to 60ish yards because of the bullet drop. It also ricochets a lot.
    HMR makes a bang, bullets usually fragment and good for head shots beyond 100yds with your 3-12 which will be a good choice.

    Eddited to add: Your looking for areas of activity, safe backstops, things you can memorize as distance markers. Be aware of nearby houses, footpaths, roads and nosy parkers though most people I meet when out with a rifle are interested rather than awkward if greeted with a smile.


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    Congratulations - and sounds like a nice thing to get you going - look after them well and word will get about of your reliability.

    If it is of interest I have recently lodged a RH CZ stainless synthetic 22LR and moderator at my RFD - not far up the M5 from you. PM me if you are wanting more details. If you're going HMR, then do not overlook the Ruger on here - lovely rifle.

    Guessing you're sorting NV, lamp or similar out to assist in the task too.....
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    Gut them with in 1 hr of shooting them or less , it's 10 times easyer ! Then if you aren't going to skin them straight away, chill ASAP ,( they are also easyer to skin warm), if there is any thick waste /scrub bushes I usually throw guts in there and weldone getting some shooting

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    The game dealer I use wants the rabbits with the guts in meat hygiene or something. You might also try an FAC air rifle on that size of land. Good luck

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    Your first bit of your "Own" ground is always a great feeling, Shakey, If you have Lantra large & small game meat cert you can sort them for him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    Your first bit of your "Own" ground is always a great feeling, Shakey, If you have Lantra large & small game meat cert you can sort them for him.
    Cheers for that finnbear I'll look in to it

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    As to leaving guts there it depends on how many you shoot and can you hide them? If you're shooting only a few at a time then they'll be eaten by scavengers in no time and shouldn't be a problem. If you shoot 50 then you will probably find some will still be there in the morning and being a rugby club could be an issue.

    Ive always gutted in the field before leaving for home and then skinned as soon as I get it.

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    I would second the FAC air rifle. I helped out a cricket club that was in the middle of town because I had one. Didn't risk disturbing neighbours and perfectly lethal out to 75+ yards.

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    I take a cool box and plenty of ice blocks with me so paunched rabbits go straight in there. I can then take them straight to the butcher the next day to swap for sausages or other meats. The guts go in a bush

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