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Thread: Horrific. The actual photo of Cecil being killed. *GRAPHIC*

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    Horrific. The actual photo of Cecil being killed. *GRAPHIC*

    Click image for larger version. 

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    You forgot the 40 hour time delay and the blood and the high fives.

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    Hi didn't know lion's ate baby bell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rover View Post
    Hi didn't know lion's ate baby bell.
    Yes, they do Jim. According to Guardian readers, they are cute and cuddly and gave up eating meat years ago!

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    haha very good

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    Cannot be real footage,... no tag.
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    the backup gun looks like it packs a punch at each end and well up to the job, any idea as to the bore size

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    Careful... you'll get everyone's Playmobil banned at this rate!
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