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Thread: What loads are you shooting forroe?

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    What loads are you shooting forroe?

    Just wondering what the most popular caliber is for roe deer hunting. Seems like a .243 would be about perfect. Also, what kind of dog is it in the picture of Leec6.5, user name. It's on the Free Deer & Boer Recovery card. Looks like Plott??? Nice looking dog and you can tell it's a hunter.
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    I've shot a lot of roe with a .243 but now use my 7x57R combi. The bullet i use is 156grn Norma Oryx. A heavy bullet for roe but i can use the same bullet for moose and boar.
    The dog you ask about looks like a Hanovarian , a scent tracking dog.

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    243. 90/100grain softpoint. lovely calibre for roe

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    .243 85gr Gameking. Excellent for roe and muntjac
    .30-06/.300 WM 150 Nosler Ballistic Tip for red, sika and fallow
    9.3 x 62 235gr Oryx for everything bigger!

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    .270 130gr Barnes TSX for all UK deer...

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    .308 for everything. I use 150 grn hornady BTSP for everything. Does the job.

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    .243 or .308 for Roe
    .308 for Fallow

    90 grain SP .243 Federal Powershok
    150 grain SP.308 PPU or Federal Powershok
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    I use 100gr in 243 but prefer 140-165gr softpoints in 7x57 (fast killing and less meat damage).
    But its honestly just a preference, both rounds do the job.
    FYI - Average weights in my area around 12kg at larder.
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    Used my .243 with 100 grain but now find I'm using my .308 with 150 grain more often.

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