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Thread: Tyre Recommendations

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    Tyre Recommendations

    I need to get a new set of tyres for my Jeep; I mainly do short runs when shooting and stalking' with some offroad use. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I got a quote locally which was nearly half the value of the vehicle' so looking at cheaper options.
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    you need to look at how aggressive is your off road use even if it is very short as getting stuck can be a real dilemma ? , I use copper t3 but if its real snotty they are useless but soft road, snow wet roads good , take a look at this site I have use them before , and this tyre:
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    If your looking at an All Terrain pattern tyre then BF Goodrich, General Grabber,Cooper are all good but as you might of already found out a bit expensive compared with some of the others but they do last and are good tyres, depends on how many miles you do and how much you want to spend, do you have a price in mind or is it as cheap as poss ?

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    I am looking at these as my next tyres.

    Tyreleader seem to be the most competitive pricing wise and Kwik Fit will charge 13 per wheel for fitting and balancing.

    Hope that helps



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    Rup jakes just had 4 general grabber fitted on his l200 and we'll pleased these were all
    regards pete

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    very much like my copper tyre's but the mud gets compacted and then you end up with slicks and need a LR90 to pull you out ! as said not very good on soft snot mud but on dry , snow , Stoney water wading also happy . green soft road & not off road as I have found out sure there are some pix of my ranger stuck that another sd member snapped in Sussex

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    After getting my Navara stuck for around 2 hours (school boy error in driving) a nice white van man helped me dig the bugger out I've moved over to Yokahama AT.

    i would have gone for BF Goodrich but unfortunately they don't come in my size.

    the Yokahama tyres are a good road/ AT tyre.


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    Just put BFG AT on mine but I intend keeping it for 4-5 yrs so this should be my only tyre purchase ,kept the duellers she had on for replacing the above when I sell her .
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    Please dont make the mistake I made a few years ago, put bf goodridge at on and go and hurtle down the motorway!
    I did, the tyres dropped to bits and I crashed, resulting in damaged truck, wheels and self and a hefty fine and points for speeding.
    I was informed by BF goodridge the tyres are rated for 90mph and the police to the tyre damage as evidence of me exceeding this speed!
    I now make sure I use tyres ratted at least 120mph, not that I ever speed but I do like my life.
    Other than that you take your choice.

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    If you're looking for a dual purpose tyre then Bridgestone Duellers have been great on my 4x4. They cope with the clay that's over the chalk on The Downs all winter on the shoot. To be honest I never give a thought to will I/won't I be able to drive in to somewhere. I just do. Then I'll do several hours on the motorway and they don't seem to have an adverse effect on the wallet either. Well worth the money. Lots of our pickers up have them on a variety of different 4x4's too and swear by them. cheers

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