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Thread: Haenel Jaeger 10 VSP

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    Haenel Jaeger 10 VSP

    Hello all,I fancy changing my rifle to 308. Currently using 30.06.Was looking at the T3 tactical. Then I came across this offering from Haenel. The VSP model seems to be very similar to the T3 and at a more competitive price. I am not familiar with the brand and am looking for your advice and user experiences please. I have done a search and found only one article for them here. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    These are very good rifles made by Merkel so they are made to very high spec and made to last. They shoot well I have been to viking arms trade days and shot loads in most calibers and they really are a good rifle for the price you pay!
    Hope this helps a little
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    Thank you Adrian,would also like to hear from anyone who has one for a year or more. Hoping to find out if any faults with the rifle.

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    If you can try before you buy it might not suit you . What would the re-sale value be if trading in. Get a well known make of rifle. I have been looking at them in a magazine this morning they look good. So did the RWS Titans i bought years ago they shoot great now everything has been sorted . But worth next to nothing 2nd hand
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    Thanks Pendle,You have helped me make my mind up.Will run with the Tikka I think.

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