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    Red face using a call

    hi all,
    after a recent and unsuccessfull first stalk a few months back,but thorough excitement and genuinly heart pumping encounter with my first ever deer, considering i have got a shed load to learn and enjoying every minute, i'm planning on going roe stalking again in the comming weeks and wonder wheather to use one of those buttallo calls to help me as much as possible.
    would they work for a complete numpty novice like me?
    does anyone have any tips on how to use them and of course where to get them.
    cheers in advance.

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    It is only really suggested that you use a Buttallo call for Roe during the Rut, which is end of July beginning of August...

    However during this period they can be extremely effective and are not rocket science to use, there are many videos and guides on the net how to use one, there is also a roe calling CD by Richard Prior...

    Hope this helps,


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    I got mine from the link below to try out on munties

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    I have seen a stalker in Germany use a beech leaf with devastating effect to call a buck in during the rut (shot the buck at about 15m after watching i come racing in accross a very large clearing). Which is the best commercial one to get?

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    There are lots of different models to choose from . The simplest is probably the Buttolo but with practice a call with a reed is much more effective. You can alter the pitch and tone with a little practice and can imitate a fawn or kid with a high pitched tone and have a terror call of the doe all with the same call. Faulhaber, Hubertus, Richard Prior, take your pick.

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