Unfortunately on the permissions I have there are no deer, there is a muntjack buck somewhere near my in-laws, but I can't stalk that on the main road

I have 4.weeks off and.am looking to get out somewhere in my area....I would love to help out in anyway possible if someone has work or maintenance on a shoot that needs doing in exchange for a morning foray, although I don't expect charity!!. I need to keep busy! I basically want to be out learning and improving but don't have vast funds to spend on guided stalking....(maybe I did choose the wrong hobby)

I am still after my first deer, I have Dsc1, would prefer to be out with someone, I think I'm reasonable company and can converse on all topics from football to religion and politics.

I know I may be asking a bit, however I have seen a few comments of don't ask, don't get and this is the place for it (SD) . I am a genuine chap and will be grateful if someone can help out and I will repay any help over time.