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Thread: That bit of wing... Conspiracy!

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    That bit of wing... Conspiracy!

    I see it didn't take the conspiracy theorists long to claim that the so called flaperon was planted near Reunion Island to save the Australian taxpayer some dollars

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    They will have to double up on it, another piece found washed up today.
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    I've come to the conclusion that you lot on this forum are a disbelieving and cynical bunch, believe it or not.

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    It looks like they can't make up their mind on this! Did you see the brand new bottles supposedly from MH370? Who packs water in the hold anyway!?

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    Some amateur, in the United States, used sat. pics. and found what looked like a plane while the big money wasting search was going on; in the wrong location, but, as usual, he wasn't part of the "organized" search so he was ignored. Now the parts a starting to surface west of where he found a submerged airplane . The pictures showed a white object, in the clear shape of an airplane, submerged, in the ocean. Hmmmm, I wonder...
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    There was also other scientists whose help was refused... Incompetence rather than conspiracy is probably more likely though

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