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Thread: Scratched scope lens

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    Scratched scope lens

    Took receipt of a second hand Meopta 6 x 42 today. Am very pleased with it although I had a sickener of an experience.

    Out zeroing (and firing my first ever homeloads) I took my bolt out and went down range to check out my group and re-adjust my target, when I came back up I went to put the bolt back in, hand and body slipped and the bolt face tapped against the glass of the scope


    The scope is still very use-able, but I was wondering if there are any solutions or things I could do ? If not what would I be looking at to have it fixed ?
    No idea if under warranty etc as just bought it off a nice chap from PW forum who's also on here.

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    Don't think the warranty will cover accidental use, but your insurance might. I think Marchwood optics are still the importers ao worth a phone call to ask about a repair

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