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    benelli supernova

    Hi I am thinking of getting a benelli supernova for pigeon/waterfowling can anyone recommend them or any other pump action and why

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    Why pump action ? A Benelli semi will have half the recoil, don't need cleaning like a gas operated semi, very simple to strip and clean in the field if you have to. I've an SBE II, but would go for an M2.

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    I use one for pigeons. Great gun and with the comfortec recoil stock I really don't notice any bad recoil shooting in a t shirt. It feels indestructible and fits me well to.

    I use the 24". I felt anything else was too long but try them.

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    I had the Benelli Nova. Brilliant gun but designed for fat jowly Americans so comb was too low for me. Swapped it for an AyA no3 magnum, but with the supernova you have an adjustable stock and I might well trade the AyA for one. They are long and heavy but well balanced so you don't feel the weight and the weight soaks up all the recoil even with heavy 3 1/2 cartridges.

    Can cope with all the mud and sand you can throw at them and still function.

    being a left hander I do like the look of the browning BPS but chickens teeth come to mind.

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    Although I don't own one, have picked one up and it handles well - I was looking at Benelli when I was getting my S/A as they have a great reputation, however, a bit like the Beretta's, they shoot high. If you're used to that then that's fine however for me I prefer a flatter-shooting gun so went Browning - HTH -
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    I got one recently for wildfowling and general vermin shooting, it replaced a recoil operated SBE. I made the switch because the SBE would not for love nor money cycle any light carts, it was also slow to change cartridges, and the ability to remove the chambered round in a Supernova appeals-as I can drop out a duck load and chamber a bigger one if I hear the honkers. Sadly the first one had to be returned and there was a feed issue in the mag, and it had to be replaced. Since then it's been fine though.

    It's solid, reliable and inexpensive. I have mate that shoots one and has done very successfully for years....check out 'Tom Sykes Headcam' on YouTube!
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    I have a Benelli Montfeltro which I purchased 18 months ago and throughly impressed must have shot 4000 rounds now and is fault less. Finish is outstanding and puts the Beretta A400 I subsequently purchased to shame. Only need one choke for clays improved cylinder and it decimates everything. I have also used for Turkey with good effect with 3" cartridges. The inertia system keeps the gun so clean 10 mins to clean vs. 30 mins for the Beretta which by the way broke within 250 rounds. An the final piece of good news Benelli $1100, Beretta $1400.

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    I've got one, great "working/wildfowling " gun. No issues with jams etc.
    mines got 3.5 mag chamber so will handle all ammo.

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    Got a benelli vinci and it is by far the best semi-auto I have ever had.

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    Personally I would go with the Benelli M2, over a Benelli pump. I have an M2 with a 26 inch barrel which I use for pigeons and geese.

    With a pump, recoil will be a lot more noticeable with the same cartridges and it's a bit of a chore to manually work the pump when birds are coming in thick and fast when an auto will do the work for you, allowing you to solely concentrate on the shot.

    One of my friends bought a new Winchester pump to go goose shooting with, with 50 gram plus cartridges, it was not at all pleasant to shoot, recoil felt about double what was experienced with the M2 with the same loads!
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