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Thread: Getting a bit fed up with road kills !

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    Getting a bit fed up with road kills !

    What a waste !Still in velvet but in time would have been a decent head for the wall.
    He made it 100/120 metres into the middle of a field before the vermin started eating him. Thats at least 11 in the last three months .

    This guy was 370 gramms(after being on the radiator since last friday )
    Left side 24cm right side 25cm

    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you say, a crying shame. If you don't already, I'd encourage you to register these on the Deer Collisions website ( - click on the "Form" link at the top of the home page. Jochen Langbein is doing a lot of research into deer RTA's and is mostly dependent upon stalkers identifying where such accidents have occured.


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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post

    Jochen Langbein is doing a lot of research into deer RTA's and is mostly dependent upon stalkers identifying where such accidents have occured.

    Very true willie, but I think his info for this far north will be wildly off the mark. I collected the info for the north of Scotland for the first 3 years or so of the data being collected. I think I would of had 40 to 50 reports in that time. Near Skye, one vehicle mechanic told me of apprOximately 100 accidents due to deer in a month. None of them were reported. Shame really.


    If you have had that many knocked down due to RTA's then they need shot harder to reduce numbers. If it is not your permission, then it gives a great opportunity to approach landowners to explain the dangers to wildlife and human life because of over population.

    Good luck

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    Hi jingzi,
    The problem here is that we have two major commuter routes into Aberdeen running parallel through the ground (2500 acres).Plus all the minor shortcuts ! I do shoot quite a lot for the size of the ground.But this year between cold and available food it seems to be worse?Normaly it's at it's worst in May and June when the youngsters are kicked out and wander all over the place .

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    i can symphasise a little here with you
    i live in an area not known for it's Roe or even Roe
    so to see such a sight as this
    is quite heart breaking

    but then wot chances does such a beast hav when compared to dealing with man and progress
    not much in reality
    this is the 2nd such beast i hav come across on this stretch in the last 2 weeks and all with in 1/2 mile of each other

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    One of my problems seems to be when the times of daylight and the traffic coincide ! If they can get over before the traffic starts its not to bad . Nose to tail for the next two hours of the day !. The same in reverse at night .

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    I agree with you, also i'm sick of seeing questions about Madeline McCann. Sorry but i just think it's one of those subjects that should be left alone. If the police can't come to any conclusions then who are we to judge!

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    Hi stone, this looks like the A45, if it is, the Roe seem to moving into this area more now than before, and unfortunatley the A45 stands in there way, I stalk not far from were I think this is and RTAs with deer are getting more common, ones that I deal with are mainly Muntjac and Fallow, but more recently I am having to deal with Roe casualties, sad but true.

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    I wonder about the stats the police have.

    I know myself, as a youngster, the excuse for hurtling round a corner and parking your xr2 up an oak tree was "trying to avoid a deer on the road" in rural areas it's the oldest excuse in the book, truth is most folk drive too fast on rural roads.

    This makes the insurance companies very jumpy, at the end of the day we put roads through deer country, we should drive accordingly, when driving near schools etc we slow down, the same should apply when driving in areas with deer, or fence strategic areas as they do in Scandinavia.

    This is a human problem, not a deer problem.

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    "This is a human problem, not a deer problem."

    To the run of the mill person going to work in their cars with the RSPB and Tiggywinkles stickers on the back window !.
    The thought of conservation/I love animals/you are cruel ! etc etc only matters when they are in a social situation with the rest of the PC brigade .

    Put the same people in a car on route to or from work by themselves,and ANY! form of wildlife consideration is a bloody inconvenience.

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