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    SCI web page

    Morning all

    This is maybe directed more at the CIC guys but would like to gauge others opinions. Just been having a nosey round the internet on the other head/species scoring systems that are out there just out of curiosity. I came across the SCI website which has a substantial list of the game species, scoring levels, indeed the scores of the animals and even photos of the animals in question where applicable. Really quite interesting going through them.

    As a preferred user of CIC (for the huge number of one bronze medal I have shot!) I was wondering if the CIC created an internet based list/gallery like this or even if it was an option that they may consider? I for one would find it very interesting, and I'm sure many others would also but don't know what staffing/funds/time would need to be spent setting it up.

    For those who haven't been on and want to waste a bit of office time here is the site page if you are interested

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    I personally would like to see a page devoted to CIC on the SD site. To that ends I have started a discussion with a CIC measurer on this site and would hope that something positive comes out of any future talks.

    However the CLA is keeping them busy at the moment so I hope to hear back eventually.

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    Thanks malc, yes that would be good.

    For all the hype around medal heads I think it should get more coverage than the annual review in the shooting times which is just a list of numbers. I'm sure there are people who have shot good bucks which are close but have little to compare it to like a photo with information beside it. Something like this may even see the CIC get a bit more footfall of trophies coming through the door. Just my thoughts but look forward to seeing if your discussions progress further.


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    Malc I have hinted many times .Maybe if they want support and to stop people taking there trophy's to BASC BDS or SCI BOONE CROCKET ETC They should promote there selves and what better place.

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