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Thread: To cut or not cut skull for highest CIC points?

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    To cut or not cut skull for highest CIC points?

    The received wisdom is to leave a skull uncut for highest points but how does this effect the volume measurement? (which is not a true measurement of volume but a calculation of weight difference when the antlers are submerged).
    I had a gold medal measured full skull and cut it after and lo and behold the bit I cut off weighed exactly 90g so the deduction was spot on.

    What i can't get my head around is the advantage/disadvantage it may give to the volume score which is a more important part than weight.

    Any thoughts?

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    CIC recommend not cutting anything now until after measurement, yes the guestimates are there on what to deduct after cutting and as you said probably not far off, or spot on in your case, but there is scope for someone to dip out on a few grams I guess. I dont think you'll ever eliminate a degree of inaccuracies as a full skull is deducted a set weight anyway! I guess if all skulls were presented full as standard, adding a little to those who decided to cut as opposed to deducting from those who didn't would give a more standard measurement less open to the interpretation of the cut.

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    I am not sure hope CIC can explain because some heads are scull heavy and some antler heavy interesting question.

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    Cut or Not Cut

    The current CIC formula for Roe allows for different 'cuts' of the skull to be evaluated and CIC CCMs are trained to assess such cuts and apply a deduction as appropriate, especially when one of the favourite cuts made by stalkers adheres to no standard protocol whatsoever! The scoresheets, which are now included on an international database, include biometric data which is why we ask for all heads presented, not just Roe, to be so with full skulls. As far as the effect of big skulls are concerned, research carried out by the CIC shows that, on average, the 90 gram deduction for a full skull, regardless of apparent size (spatial size is not always directly related to greater weight), will only ever advantage a head, but rarely by more than the odd point. We have always advised presentation with full skulls, especially as they can always be cut after measuring. If you want to get the best from your head, then submit it full skull!

    The point about a standard deduction is that everyone knows exactly where they stand and for the vast majority of heads that standard deduction works!

    My plea is simply, please present heads full skull.


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