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Thread: ase ultra compact 25 cal

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    ase ultra compact 25 cal

    Hi , going to sell my moderator , its 1/2 inch UNF ,had it ceracoated in graphite black , the reason for sale is I have had my sako 75 re barrelled with a heavier longer boarder barrel and I am going to get a lighter hardy gen 5 , as soon as the new one comes this will be ready for sale , shot count will be about 250 rounds , but these are made to last ! thanks for looking ,Arron. price is 175 delivered or less C on C .

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    Can’t recommend these mods enough. I sold one about a year ago that I’d had for a good ten years and was still worked as well as when new. Must have put thousands and thousands of rounds through it. Best of luck with the sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cervus View Post
    Aaron you have a pm
    Thanks Cervus , sold to yourself

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