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Thread: A proper lion hunt

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    A proper lion hunt

    Ok, so we've all been educated on how it shouldn't be done
    but all this talk of hunting lions in Africa has actually stirred up a bit of interest from me. I'm thinking that perhaps it is something I might like to do in 5 or 10 years time, so some questions for those with some experience of African big game hunting.......
    What would a rifle lion hunt involve exactly? duration? hunting methods? etc
    Where are the best lion hotspots for a good fair chase hunt?
    Is there much difference in the actual hunt for a male Lion and a Lioness?
    Can the skin/trophy be brought back to the UK easily enough?
    How do you know that you are going to be hunting a real wild Lion and not a doped up, captive bred pussy cat?
    cheers chaps

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    Jeesus.......nobody? Going by the "Cecil" thread I thought we had loads of lion hunting experts on here!

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    Never hunted Lion. But I have taken 2 of the big five.

    Lion hunting is not cheap, and there are limited places to hunt Lion fair chase. Any Lion hunt must be covered with a Cities 1 tag. If not it is illegal.
    Providing the Lion has a Cities tag you would be allowed at present to bring it back into the UK as a dried skin and skull with the cities tag attached and with the paperwork. Once in the UK you are not allowed to offer the trophy for sale/barter or exchange.

    Fair chase Lion hunting is undertaken in some countries of Africa, but whether this will still occur in 5 to 10 years time is doubtful.
    All grades of deer stalkers/hunters in the UK and overseas catered for. Level 2 DMQ signing off available. Over 30 years experience in the stalking/hunting industry. For friendly and professional help go to


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    When I was in Zimbabwe earlier this year, the concession manager was quite chipper as they had a lion tag, the first for years. In that particular place it would be fair chase, if that's what you want to call it, as they would be baited, but they are certainly wild, free roaming animals as there are no fences in the huge area with 4 or 5 concessions around. As with many animals, there is no difference in the actual hunting of the beasts, whether male or female. The big difference is the money - and the trophy of course. I'm sure hunting a lioness is just as exciting, dare we say that nowadays, but the trophy will pale into insignificance visually. This doesn't mean the memories, which is all we are buying a lot of the time, will be any less intense.
    I've never shot a lion and I don't think I have any real interest in any of the cats, but, thankfully, everybody is different. The main thing at the moment is that the hunting community sticks together. Plenty of twats abusing plenty of people. Despite their protestations there are many in this world who are not interested in letting people do what they want if it doesn't agree with them.
    I wonder how many have been to Africa and see how hunting operates? Indeed how many have been to highland Scotland and actually assessed the positive benefits that stalking, or just shooting, brings to an area?
    Some of us are hunters. Some are twats. So be it.
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    I am booked to hunt lion in Cameroon, it is illegal to bait lions there. The lion has to be tracked/stalked which in my mind is the better hunt, I have never had any interest in hunting over a bait which is why I shall never hunt a leopard unless it is hunted with hounds.

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    I have been asked over in the spring but must admit to being a wee bit nervous regards the currnt situation.Might go to Spain for a goat with Treads lol.

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    I have never hunted lion, no way I can afford that, but I did come across many in the bush during ten years of hunting Tanzania as a resident. Tanzania probably has a way bigger population of wild lions than anywhere else in Africa due to the large populations of heavy plains game that you need to sustain them but I think you should currently be able to procure a license to legally hunt lion in Burkina Faso, Benin, Cameroun, CAR, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and maybe Botswana, but things have changed there recently. But nowhere are these tags plentiful and hence will always be booked out two or three years in advance - and command a premium price.

    I don't know what the rolled up cost of such an enterprise would be elsewhere but from my experience in Tz and talking to many PH friends there you would be looking at the thick end of $100k when you take in the three weeks day cost ($1500) plus the license and all the baits you need to shoot - and pay for! Having looked elsewhere (Burkina Faso) the cost will be a good bit less but perhaps the outcome less certain due to the smaller populations.

    Most places it will be a baiting game but there are exceptions as Cumbrian has noted - I think also in Burkina Faso you cannot bait.

    We actually had a wounded eland we were tracking once taken by lions - you just have to back off slowly, one up the spout, no way I was going to argue!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cumbrian 1 View Post
    I am booked to hunt lion in Cameroon, it is illegal to bait lions there. The lion has to be tracked/stalked which in my mind is the better hunt, I have never had any interest in hunting over a bait which is why I shall never hunt a leopard unless it is hunted with hounds.
    Got back from SA yesterday. The farm I was on has a problem Leopard in that it's killing everyday but only taking one meal out of each carcace. They have traps out but no luck. They have a licence to shoot but non Cites so only photo and no trophy. We were allowed to shoot if we came across it, for free as they can't charge for it.
    Last Thursday morning we came across hour old spoor near a river and stalked after it for three hours. Lost the trail.


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    A genuine free range trophy lion is one of the rarest trophies you can take in Africa today I would say. A trophy lion is one that is over six years old and should have a good mane and not be breeding. There are very few places to find one, but Tanzania would be the best place, but you are going to pay $100K+ as Kuwinda has said above. You will have to book a three week hunt and commit to shooting bait animals and pay those trophy fees. The hunt will probably be planned around a baiting plan, but you may well just run into him. Given the latest furore over Cecil, you may not be able to bring the skin in to the UK in five years time! you cant shoot a female in Tanzania. I think they did or maybe still do in Zim on occasion and I imagine anything is possible in South Africa, but it wont be a free range lion.

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    According to Gordon Cundhill, might be Cundill, the only proper way to hunt a lion is to walk him up. Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbawe, mabey Mozambique.

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