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Thread: Machine down an old barrel.

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    Machine down an old barrel.

    Hi All

    Have the chance of a nice .223 set up at a good price but it has a really heavy target barrel.
    Just wondered about the possibilities of getting the barrel machined down and shortened to a varmint type size. The question is: would I be setting up stresses resulting in inaccuracy, my belief is a new barrel is machined to size after being screw cut so why not an older barrel.
    The other option is a new barrel and as it is a Savage they are interchangeable.
    not sure who the dealer is yet to approach about a new barrel.
    Ideas anyone ????????

    Cheers Steve

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    I use a SGC 223 with a heavy barrell now and again for roe. Mainly highseats. The barrell wieght i dont find an issue. If you realy want a sporter barrell dont buy a heavy one. You can pick up a good 223 for not much more than a rebarrel .

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    I think unless there's a good reason to have it machined down I.e you really love the rifle or sentimental etc

    you would probably be better buying something that is more suitable and ready to use and in .223 you can choose what you want

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    Just chop it back to 18"-20" and stick a mod on it, job done. Yes it might be slightly heavier but it will be usable.

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    Assuming that the rifle has a straight, concentric bore & shoots bug holes now giving you a good basis to work on, any good lathe operator with a decent machine could turn your barrel down & if they use the correct cutting tools, techniques & plenty of coolant there is not much chance of upsetting the barrel by adding stress. It is more likely to relieve stress which is not necessarily a bad thing. Especially if you are only reducing from a target to varmint profile. - If you went down to a light sporter profile there may be a bit more chance of problems. Plus it would look funny with too much clearance between the barrel & stock.
    Get it shortened to the length you want & threaded/crowned to your preference.
    If you like the rifle, can get it turned for little money, go ahead - being a Savage, the pre-chambered barrels are a doddle to swap & head space plus they don't cost the earth.
    Obviously the turner must know his stuff - there are the good, the bad & the ugly, balance that with costs, reputations & turnround time. "You pays yer money & takes yer choice".


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