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Thread: Cz452 .22lr varmint

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    Cz452 .22lr varmint

    Hi guys I have a nice cz452 as a above. I'm thinking of doing a trade for either an anschutz or sako. What's your thoughts/ opinions? Mainly used for nv and lamping.
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    I have a cz452 and would never get rid of it. I have half a dozen other rifles so it isn't used that often, but every time I shoot it the accuracy amazes me.

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    Mine is hugely consistent. Very happy with it.

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    Very happy with mine too.

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    i have an anschutz 1417,and whilst it may be no more accurate than the cz the build quality,two stage trigger and smooth bolt operation,and beautifull thumbhole stock wins the day for me personally,i also have a quad all be it in mach 2 flavour,really nice gun,very accurate,but if you go for the quad get the wooden stock,the synthetic is very uncomfortable to shoulder
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    I have the cz 452 varmint which I pillar bedded and is now consistently doing 1/2 " groups at 50m. But I am now looking for an Annie in .22 lr as my target rifle. Don't get me wrong CZ is good and great field gun.

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    keep the cz ,
    save ya money

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