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Thread: Tikka590 set up

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    Tikka590 set up

    I've got a .308 tikka 590 blued with nice wooden stock it comes with 30mm & 1" optilock rings RCBS full die set a few hundred cases Lapua,RWS and others and nearly 600 bullets which are Barnes and Sierra game king.It is topped off with a 4-14x56 falcon merlin illuminated with side parralax .Reason for sale is I just don't use it enough as I tend to favour my 7mm-08.
    I would prefer to sell the whole set up but would consider selling the rifle only.

    Pics to follow.

    Cheers Steve.

    The scope in the pic is not the one for sale I will take a separate photo if interested.
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    do you have an round count? or nearest estimation? please.
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    I've put about 70 through it I never asked the first owner as I knew it was a good gun and was his stalking rifle.
    my mate who is a gunsmith checked it out and said it was mint.
    I may see him at the weekend so I can ask.

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    I would sell Rifle with 30mm optilocks for 550
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    Bump with price drop. Rifle only 450

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