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Thread: Food dehydrating?

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    Food dehydrating?

    Hello Folks.
    I am about to make my annual cherryplum harvest.
    As I like prunes on my muesili in the mornings,I wonder if its possible to dehydrate the cherryplums and make a freebie version.
    Also what would be the best way to de-stone the fiddly little feckers. Last year I tried a cherry pitter,but it was a failure on the cherryplums. Some were too big for it and they all wasted too much flesh leaving a .308 hole right through.
    Anyone using a dehydrator? Any views on this brain wave please.

    Regards Bryan

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    I haven't bought a dehydrator yet as been using the oven to make jerky (Set it as low as possibly and prop the door slightly ajar) with beef marinaded, cut as thin as I can and put on wire racks to dry. Bloody lovely stuff!

    Not sure it'd work for your fruit but surely worth a try ?

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    I've got two dehydrators I use regularly for everything from venison jerky/biltong to dried bananas and apples (so much sweeter than the stuff you can buy) but funnily enough I've never done anything with stones in it. Could you pop them out with something like a corn on the cob fork or something?
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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