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Thread: Reloader RL15

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    Reloader RL15

    Hiya All

    I would be grateful for any advice or pointers to information on Reloader RL15 powder please.

    To be used in a .243W with 70g Nosler Ballistic Tips.

    If you are using or have done previously a starting load would be good.



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    Loki -- Follow Muir's link & go to the data via the "Products" tab - Select your Reloder 15 & then 243.

    - You will see the MAXIMUM load indicated there for Speer 70 grain bullets there. (That loading is above the "P-Max (MAP)" value for 243 loadings for 70 grn Nosler BT bullets)
    As always start 10% below that value for safety & work up watching for signs of pressure as you go. If you see any - YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR! BACK OFF! - Don't take short cuts - They can be dangerous!


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    Nosler don't list RL15 loads for 70grn .243 BTs, but Richard Lee recommends starting with a load of 38.3grns and working up, for a 70grn bullet.

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    I've just brought a copy of Quickload, if you tell me your rifle barrel length and your fire formed brass water capacity, in grains, I'll plug the numbers in a give you some load details for Re 15. Great powder, use it for my 308.

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    Thank you for your replies and the information therein - really appreciated.

    #5 Bang4Buck - thank you for your offer - I will measure up and then PM you.

    I shall let you know how the matter progresses.


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