DEUSA salt paste is a high quality mineral product with a pasty constituency, because this is a paste you can you provide the game with the needed salts and minerals at every favoured place on your hunting ground. Due to the handy packaging, you can take the salt paste with you. Just put the desired amount of salt paste on a tree stump or broken wood and let it harden. Salt paste cannot be stolen unlike salt licks.
This paste provides minerals and nutrients which might be missing in the wild and can help promote antler growth.
Weight : Approx 2000g

Please bare in mind, we do have some licks in stock, they are listed below:
Anise: x2
Neutral x2
Apple x3

Starting from 13.00 + 7.14 P&P (including VAT)


How much salt an animal needs depends on its age and the season. This is why our salt licks cover the needs of an animal. To prevent deficiency symptoms with the animals they contain micronutrients and natrium. By using these salt licks you can make sure that your animals get exactly what they needs. These contain no artificial colourings, odorants or flavours.
Weight: Approx 10kg

Comes in two different flavours, basic and wild. We have three of each in stock