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Thread: Which of these rails for a Sako 75?

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    Which of these rails for a Sako 75?

    Recknagel Picatinny Aluminium Rail Sako Short [..0014]


    Contessa Picatinny Rail - Sako 75/85 Medium (0 MOA)

    which would you prefer and why chaps?

    looking to mount my PMII and it has to be a one piece mount.

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    Contessa as it's one piece. I wish this kind of kit had been available when I owned a Sako 75. Regards JCS

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    I have the Recknagel rail on my 85 and can't fault it. I just wish that I had the Recknagel rings also as the company seems to make quality products.
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    Contessa - steel. No room for aluminium on a rifle.
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