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Thread: Manners T4-A stock

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    Manners T4-A stock

    For sale s/a manners T4a stock for rem 700 footprint actions. Painted black finish. Vgc Has the factory fitted v block mini chassis system installed compatible with ai mags. Bolt in and shoot, this was fitted to my long range varmint/target rifle and used to shoot very accurately out to 1000yards + it comes with a custom adjustment for the cheek riser so no need for Allen key to adjust it. Has a Short angled rail fitted for atlas bipod, side mounted sling studs ( not unreliable flush cups) and Barrel channel inlet for a very heavy varmint profile. Superb stock and imo better quality than McMillan. Only selling as I'm cutting down on heavy rifles. Selling new ( if you can find one) for over 1000 I believe. This one priced for a quick sale, yours for 750
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    What rabbit fingers doesn't mention is that Manners stocks are on a very long and unpredictable lead time. This deal above is exceptionally good, especially when you take into account you might wait 12-18 months to get a stock like this if you ordered one today.



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