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    twist rate

    Hi Folks,

    Some advice please?

    It looks like my Remington 700 .308 will need re-barreling after all.

    I've been looking on a few forums and i'm stuck between 1:10 and 1:12 twist rate.

    I shoot 168gn Sierra hpbt match (2200) for my target work and 165 gn Nosler accubond for my hunting round, neither are driven hard.

    I don't shoot heavier than 168gn so what would be the best twist rate?

    I've been leaning towards keeping my existing 1:12 as it seems perfect for the 168gn bullet.

    Advice please?


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    Sounds like 1:12 was working for you in your Rem M700, so stay with it.

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    I have 1/13, 1/12 and 1/10 custom barrels on my 308's. They all shoot 168's equally well. The 1/13 even shot 175 match bullets well but I think that is pushing it. I'm just getting another 1/13 built because these barrels are going out of fashion with the f/tr guys and going cheap. Maybe the 1/12 is the best compromise for 155/168 bullets.
    Maybe more important is to be careful not to choose a too heavy barrel if it is used for stalking. Most custom barrels are fairly meaty in the first 3-4" and add to the weight even if they are classed as "sporter".

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    If it has been working for you why not try and get a replacement Remington barrel ,,,if available,,,, replace like for like,,,,unless you want to experiment

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    If 1:12 has been working you know it if stay the same. However I prefer to shoot over 150 grain so have used a 1:10 on my own 308 mostly shooting 165 sp and it shoots very well.

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    You could split the difference and go with a 1/11 twist.
    My sako has a 1/11 twist and it shoots the 155 and 168 grain bullets very accurately

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    Hi folks,

    thanks for for the advice, I've decided to stay with 12:1 twist.


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