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Thread: Chainsaw competency certification

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    Chainsaw competency certification

    Please could someone let me know what level of training / certification is required for example to be considered for a FC License.
    I do not stalk on FC land myself, but do some for the National Trust, and can see the NT following in the FC footsteps in a few years time for as far as certification/due diligence is concerned.
    Thank you.
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    Nptc cs30 & cs31

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    I would think up to Nptc cs35 - it's not usually standing trees that are the problem; First Aid +F; Liability Insurance and no lone working so you'll need a buddy to hand

    None as it is deer control not forest management
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    DSC1 and 2, Manual handling competency, first aid competency, a risk assessment for the area.......and some money. FC don't allow power tools or ATV's without the relevant certification also.
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    Generally FC insist on winblow ticket as the minimum qual and must be NPTC (which means u must also have cross cut, small trees and medium trees before u can sit windblow, but some of the course names/nu,mbers have changed recently)

    Lot of money and training to get to that level if u have no other use for the tickets.

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    UK FISA - The Forest Industry Safety Accord - are carrying out all the Forest Industry safety side of things and updating skills of all chainsaw operators. Home ConFor
    are the private sector trade association for all contractors, owners, saw operators etc, or ask the FC directly. A lot of landowners are now insisting on basic levels of certification for all chainsaw operators because part of the management plan put forward for grant applications and also certification of the wood (FSC) etc become null and void if any felling, clearing etc is carried out by non ticketed operators.

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    Not entirely sure the FISA ticket will be relevant, quite a new thing and more aimed at pro cutters who have never had any training for years (as NPTC tickets dinae expire) basically if u have not done any saw training for 5 years u have to do it, up to 2 days now.
    Will depend if FC class u as a pro, or decide only pro's get on so u have to have same tickets.

    Of al the forest ground i have been on the FC is the only 1 to insist on Windblow as manditory, even if no windblow on job

    Quite a lot of expense and training to get up to the level the FC expect (if it is the same for commercial cutters) and i doubt u would get many extra points etc to make it worthwhile, BUT if u do other hobby cutting it is a very worthwhie course, infact my chainsaw tickets are the only training i've ever done that i really think is worth doing

    I have been involved in a couple of FC leases and offered my services brashing/tidying up rides etc numerous times and never ever been taken up by the leaseholder depite me cutting commercailly on FC ground and having more tickets than needed, it would not surprise me if FC really don't want hobby users on the ground even if they have tickets, or astleast that is the impression i get (may be wrong thou)

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