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Thread: Sako Finnfire Varmint (22 lr.)

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    Sako Finnfire Varmint (22 lr.)


    Never thought I would do this but - due to lack of use I am considering selling my beautiful original Sako Finnfire.

    The rifle is great condition with professionally shortened varmint barrel which makes it perfect for shooting from a vehicle or as a walking gun.

    as you would expect the build quality is fantastic (ask any Finnfire owner) and this rifle is deadly accurate.

    This is a superb rifle that will last a life time and are highly sought after.

    it comes with a 3-12 x 44 AGS mildot scope and mounts. Also included is an original Sako sound mod and several boxes of ammo.

    Price: 600 with scope and mounts . (pics on request)

    Thanks for looking


    The rifle will be advertised elsewhere.

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    I will post some pics up later today.

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    Don't do it!

    just thought I would be the first to get that in.

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    If only I had a slot and the money
    Always fancied on of them and it looks it great condition.

    Good luck with the sale

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    What length is the barrel please?

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    Hi - Its going to be sad to see the old girl go - But it just isn't getting used anymore.

    Mr Fudd - The barrel length is 13 inches from the face of the action to the muzzle.


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    I have had mine for years and it's going in my coffin with me when I go!

    Best of luck with the sale and have a bump on me.
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    Thanks for the comments gents

    The rifle is now sold subject to payment and variation being granted

    Thank you for looking


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    Nooo... can't believe I missed out on this! I've been after one for a while and just ordered a new one

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