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    SGC Revoke

    A very good friend has just been informed that his Shotgun Cert is to be revoked. He was arrested over a domestic dispute with his girlfriend,he had his guns taken, charged bailed, and had his day in court. He was found not guilty on the three charges against him, result, or so he thought. Now a month later he receives notice in writing from the police that, they no longer consider him a fit person to own a shotgun. He's never been in trouble before, and he's shocked to say the least. They (the police) say he can appeal, but this would cost thousands. I spoke to Mr George Wallace, NGO firearms expert, who says that this is becoming a common occurrence. So apart from engaging his MP, making a complaint to the police crime commissioner, and either of these taking it up, it looks like he's been shafted!
    My thoughts when I heard, "There but for the grace of god go I", or any of us for that matter, and all as a result of a malicious complaint!

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    Right yet another thread which is resulting in a trial by internet, no one on here knows the full story as none of them are directly involved, it's bloody ridiculous. I am giving you all fair warning in the future any posts such as these, which in my opinion only give a chance for spleen venting, will be closed and removed instantly.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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