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Thread: FAC Grant wait time

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    FAC Grant wait time

    Hi all,

    I am currently waiting for new grant FAC - I am currently an SGC holder.

    I want to know what peoples experience is of the length of wait is for Thames valley firearms team is currently. They have had my application since about the 9th of June.

    I sent a mail asking them to acknowledge receipt - just in case - by email and got response saying the "renewal" was in process.

    Your thoughts would be gratefully received.


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    When I had my first application, a little over 5 years ago (I've just had my renewal) it took them nearly 6 months. I believe they have improved somewhat since then though.

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    God I hope they have improved over 6 months!!


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    My tip - call regularly for an update, get your FEO's mobile number, call them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wasteoid View Post

    They have had my application since about the 9th of June.

    That must be around the same time the office got flooded and they had to move out to another location !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Seeing as your a SGC holder anyway a lot of boxes are already ticked but I bet your still looking on 3 months

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    Quote Originally Posted by B&W FOX View Post
    That must be around the same time the office got flooded and they had to move out to another location !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they have had my variation application since 9th December 2014, got a phone call two weeks ago saying all was fine and will be with you shortly
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    It will be 60 working days next week. Still no word.

    I have made a few calls with no response so far.

    Any advice guys?


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    depends were you are. I've just put in for my ticket (also SGC holder and previously held a FAC). Am told Edinburgh are taking 6 months

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    I guess it can depend on the applicant as well as the workload (ie some may be faster to process than others) but I do know that Glos for example have around 100 applications in just for variations at the moment, and a very small team, perhaps out of sight is out of mind and we sometimes forget a little too easily how workloads build up. If it was a dozen or so, there'd probably be no good reason why a process time of a few weeks wasn't possible, but your local constabulary may have 100's of applications in. Best bet if you want to know I guess is to speak with your FEO and get it from the horse's mouth, if the horse has time to answer the phone! From all accounts (at the ranges and speaking with FEO's) shooting is getting more popular, better supported and applications are on the rise, unlike staffing numbers of the licensing centres handling the applications. If they are really snowed under, heckling them on the phone I would have thought unlikely to speed things up unless already processed.

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