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Thread: poor customer service from zeiss im very disappointed indeed

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    poor customer service from zeiss im very disappointed indeed

    Hi Chaps

    Thought I would give some constructive feedback about very poor customer service I received from zeiss, I rang zeiss last week as I needed a part for my rangefinder (8x26prf)

    a very polite lady answered the phone and said there was no one available to speak to, and could I leave my number and she would ensure someone rang me , no one rang me back.

    so after a few days I rang back and I was told exactly the same and I still waiting now for the second time, I was a massive zeiss fan having a few of there scopes and a rangefinder and I was thinking of buying some of there rangefinding binoculars.

    but after this experience im thinking of selling all my zeiss products and swapping brands, which is such a shame because this part is so small.

    I feel let down, and this is so out of character for me to write anything negative (but im annoyed), as normally im the first person to help some one out not put them down.

    Many Thanks


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    Email sometimes work better in these situations, or next time you ring get a name of the person.
    Damned annoying though.

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    true but im a little old fashioned and like to speak to someone , but I know were your coming from

    but we shouldn't be having this conversation really

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    i think you should follow through sell all your zeiss stuff and buy swarovski.

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    I've had good dealings with Zeiss customer care in the past but via email. Last time I emailed and got a response saying it had been passed to the technical team but I heard nothing so emailed again. I had an apologetic reply and then an email from the tech team a short while later. I think the customer services team are very good and if they can solve it then happy days but if it gets referred to a less customer oriented part of the company then things can slow down a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artschool View Post
    i think you should follow through sell all your zeiss stuff and buy swarovski.
    +1. Swarovski customer service is second to none ....

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    Email is the way of the world now perhaps our resident zeiss pro can help ,I'm sure this can be resolved.when I've dealt with swaro it's always been email and I have to say 11/10 service

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    I am surprised as Zeiss have always given me good service. I lost the rain cover for my old Zeiss Night Owl Binos about a year ago, and Zeiss very kindly found me a new pair of rain covers kicking about and sent them cost free, even though that range has been discontinued for a number of years.

    Also most of the Zeiss team will have been at the CLA I assume and they have also had a change of staff in the very recent past.

    Please PM me and I will put you in touch with the appropriate people at Zeiss.

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    Mmmmmm interesting post from a Zeiss pro hunter

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    Sad to hear, I rang Zeiss (must admit I speak German) booked in my 20 year old binos for a service and sent them off. 3 weeks later I got a bill for €240 and paid it. They sent me an immaculately overhauled set of binos back. Seems a shame if they aren't playing ball due to a language problem. Happy to call on your behalf if you need a translator.
    Kind regards

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