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Thread: Invite to a friends land...........

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    Invite to a friends land...........

    Myself and my mate were invited over to a lad we knows land,and,after a right ****ter of a day at work looking after offenders one of which was a right arsehole I was really looking forward to it.As we pulled up into the layby next to the bottom field of his permission,we found him sat down at the bottom of the 5 bar gate with his bino's locked on his face,as we got out he said that he was watching a large Buck that was couched down under a hedge some 200+ yds away,well we all had a good squint at him,and,it was plain to see that he was a decent Buck,and,a plan of action was talked through.It was decided that I would get this stalk(thanks lads)so,we headed up the lane to the right hand side of the field,and,that gave me the opportunity to come in from the top which would give me a lot more cover to get a bit closer.I got to a point where although I could of got closer to the Buck unfortunately there was a Doe under the next hedge that we hadn't been able to see from the gate.She was looking straight at me,and,I thought that she would shoot off at any moment,so,I got down on my ever dwindling belly,and with the rifle set up on the bipod I inched sideways as slowly as i could,the Doe never took her eyes off me for a second,I had to sidle over a lot further than I thought I would before I could actually see the Buck,but,finally I get to a position that gave me a view of him chewing the cud,but,it was just his head.I would of liked to get across a bit more,but,the Doe was starting to look a bit more flighty,so,I decided to take a head shot(I'm not a trophy hunter to be honest)I settled down to get the breathing right,and put the crosshairs on the lowest part of his head that I could see(the rest was covered by a bramble bush)and I slowly but surely squeezed off a round,he just slumped onto his side and did a little bit of sideways bicycle and then he was still.I recocked the Remmy and waited,the Doe at this point still hadn't moved an inch,I got up to walk down to the Buck,and the Doe just casually got up and ambled off into the next field,and I noticed my compadre's coming across the lower part of the field with a congratulatory doff of the hat.The Buck was partially cleaned off and was an old boy with quite thick coronets,but,the skull wasn't going to lend itself to a wall hanging after a 100grainer had been through it..........

    We set off around the rest of the lower part of the permission to search for another Buck as there was about an hour or more light left,unfortunately though it wasn't until we started our nocturnal lamping foray that we saw the next Bucks,two four pointers in velvet that our host will no doubt get a bead on later in the season when they are cleaned off.It didn't get a lot better either on the lamp to be honest,and,after walking up hill and down dale and calling in one fox to the lamp only for it to disappear through a hedge never to be seen again we decided to call it a night,and,as we headed back a flickof the lamp round the field found a really good Buck at the top of the hill and thrashing the hedge,he was probably a more mature Buck too as he was pretty much cleaned off.Still,it was an enjoyable evening and a big thankyou to our host for his hospitality.........cheers mate........Martin.

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    Good one 'M' , sounds like a well taken opportunity. Nice looking head as well to be fair

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    That certainly brightened up your day Matin, well done mate.

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    Congrats to a beautiful buck.
    That`s a true friend who lets his mates take a buck like that.


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    We do have each other round onto our land fairly regularly

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