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Thread: Truls Wiberg - Stalking Sticks.

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    Truls Wiberg - Stalking Sticks.

    Fancy a new pair of stalking sticks, something a bit special. I have been eyeing up a pair by Truls Wiberg which are very swish indeed. See Rifle stick - rifle sticks - The forester's rifle stick for stalking
    However they are very expensive. Therefore, before I take the plunge I was wondering if anyone on The Stalking Directory had any personal experience of his sticks. Are they any good? Are they worth the money?

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    Have used a pair (not mine but borrowed).

    They were very well made and attractive. I do prefer quad sticks though and use so e home made b&q type ones myself......

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    These look nice, but I haven't seen or used a pair.

    As an aside, have you looked at Derek Clifford's Quad Sticks? I have no ties at all to him, except being a happy customer. I finally stumped up the cash and am very pleased with them, expensive but I can't fault them.

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    Derek Clifford's sticks are reviewed in the latest issue of Deer magazine. They are the most stable sticks I've used.
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    Lilmus sticks off this site are the ones I use, less than half the ones you mentioned (but not as crafted) very stable and im very very pleased with mine, would not go out without them
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