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    Looking for a book to help with training of a gwp for general shooting and mostly stalking
    Any recommendations .

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    Hi Remmy.

    Guy Wallace published a book, "The Versatile GWP"... Coch-y-Bondu books ( where I got a copy from ) sells it, or Amazon, but it is not cheap...... He is obviously (very) old school, and some of the `correction` methods are not for today`s society, but remove that, and it is a fair read.... He has more experience with most gundog breeds than most people will have in a lifetime, but if you have trained a gundog before you have the essentials, and are already knowledgeable.... Just that Wires` will take that to the extreme and beyond !!!! I would say that it is not so much the training, as the breed psychology....

    When you say `Stalking`, are you referring to `Tracking`, as it is quite different....

    I am still learning 2 years on with my dog, but have come through it reasonably unscathed ... I am sure there are more on here with greater experience though...

    All the best.


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    I agree with Neil, a cheaper option would be the pamphlet Guy Wallace did for the BDS, who I think still sell the - Training Dogs for Woodland Deer Stalking. but it's just the basic training and the deer chapter from the Versatile gun dog - you don't get all the information about retrieving, hunting and falconry which is quite entertaining.

    Good luck - I'm 8 months in on my second GWP and this ones proving harder than the first one!

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    Depending on ur general experience of training dogs but i'd just go for a 'normal' gundog training book. The normal books are far better written.

    I've read most of the HPR training books and if i'm honest never been impressed with any of them. Most are failry old fashioned now and usually only have 1 chapter on deer training, more and better advice on here than most of the hpr books.
    Micheal brander has 1 but both were quite similar,
    Tommy brechany has an ancient dvd out which is actually really good considering how long ago it was filmed (was well ahead of his time) and Rory major still does a really good 4 dvd pack, not cheap but far better than any of the books i've read

    The best advice i'd give u is get urself along to some training days lessons or clubs far better when u can actually speak to someone who knows wot there doing. Plus in dvd's the trainers dogs never have the problems 'normal' folk do, esp with a wire
    Couple of trainers in ur area, a a few have hpr experience too plus a few training clubs not that far from u.

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