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Thread: Check weights, do you use them?

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    Check weights, do you use them?

    I went for years using a scale without check weights. I thought that if the scale was zeroed before I started, I was golden. Boy was I surprised when I finally broke down and bought a set of check weights. For those using beam scales, give check weights a try, you likely will be surprised.

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    I check by beam scales with three good quality bullets of different weights.

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    I use check weights at the start of every loading session.

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    Use them everytime.

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    I don't use check weights or a beam scale. Regards JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Norm View Post
    I use check weights at the start of every loading session.
    Use a beam scale too.

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    I have a set someplace. I check my scales every once in a while but I am a believer in the idea that a scale used on Friday won't suddenly become inaccurate by Sunday. I have three beam scales -all kept clean with covers in place and never abused. Not much can go wrong there.

    If I was running digitals i would probably get more use from them.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by old man View Post
    Use a beam scale too.
    Yes one of those too .
    Pleased to see that you are feeling sprightly today.

    Well in that case, look at your signature line..... According to the Library of Congress 'Speak softly and carry a big stick', was actually the motto of Theodore Roosevelt, not Franklin D . Touche' ?
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    Every time i turn it on after warm up or beam scales makes all the diff if your out and running a plus max load ��

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    I prefer beam scales and do use check weights. I have no faith in electronic scales, just something else to go wrong.
    reiver XXV

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