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Thread: Looking for .223 load advice.

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    Looking for .223 load advice.

    Hi All,

    I am the proud owner of an SGC speedmaster, which came with a whole load of Federal .223 American Eagle once and twice fired brass, as well as a bag of 62Gr heads, CCI small rifle primers, and 4 complete tubs of Lovex D073.4

    I was wondering if anyone on the site has any experience they could share using these components to produce rounds?

    We have made up a bunch on the low side of the book recommendation for the head weight, and powder, but I would still like to cross reference with anyone's real world experience.



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    Chris, you have bullets, not heads, sorry to be pedantic but, accuracy begins with description ... that said you are in the right place to get info.
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    Thanks JTO,

    I found the PDF on their site when I got the powder.

    Thanks Finnbear for the correction - I will remember my words for future posts, do you have any real world experience of reloading .223 with the components listed? I would be grateful for any input you have to give...


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    Real world is what works in your rifle, does not matter any others experience with the components.
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    Have used Lovex D073.4 with lighter bullets (50grn and 55grn) in both .222rem and .223rem and obtained excellent results. Can't see why you shouldn't get good results with this powder in your rifle.
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    Did the rifle come with all that kit and no load data? The quickest way to get an answer if you can reach them is to speak to the previous owner and ask if they have any load data recorded. Failing that the best option is to load test yourself which will be a little more time consuming but as every rifle is different will be your best bet rather than getting info from others based on their rifle.

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    Difficult to find a burn rate index for the powder but most are based on DuPont's.My load has always been IMR 4895 and start at 44 gr for 62 gr bullet

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    Thanks all for the feedback. I did call the guy I bought it off, and hes ditched everything from his .223 days to focus on black powder rifles.

    I did look through the Explosia PDF, and used a mates reloading books, which gave us a place to start. The ammo we made - worked really well at the club, and I am going to make the next batch up to the same recipe, and give it a go at much longer range down at Bisley, and seeif I can refine from there.

    I think we ended up with a midway figure (24.5gr I think) I will fill in the figure when I get the sodding box out of the garage.


    Thanks all.

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    From what I can make out it's the same burn rate as AA2230.
    I've used AA2230 in a .223 with good results under a 69gr bullet but switched to N140 simply because that works in my .308 as well.

    I did try reloading the Eagle brass but found it to not be terribly uniform, main gripe was the primer pockets were not concentric to the flash holes which made for primer seating issues...

    If it's working for you, great.

    Longer term, what's the rifle for and what's the twist rate?

    Being an SGC I'll assume the original owner went for a fast twist like 1:7, in which case I'd go for a heavier bullet from 69gr to 77gr (or even 85gr if they fit and work for you).
    .223 is a pretty unfussy caliber so any suitable mainstream powder and bullets should produce.

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