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Thread: Feeling a bit bemused - Guided stalk

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    Feeling a bit bemused - Guided stalk

    I'm just after people thoughts on this as I have little experience to compare.

    I'm new to stalking and have been out 4 times this year. The first three trips where in Scotland whilst visiting family on a couple of occasions and were very enjoyable, Unfortunately the forth outing, back in England turned out to be not so enjoyable!

    As I want to build knowledge and experience and can't keep going up to Scotland, I thought the best way to go was to book some guided stalking with a 'professional' to continue learning. Like most things in life, you normally need lessons/coaching/mentoring to become proficient, safe etc etc and stalking is certainly very true of this in my opinion.

    Anyway, to cut a long storey short, I was relieved 300 for an outing that lasted less than two hours. Yes, we were successful, but this was a cull animal (and a poor one at that) as I had already said I was not interested in trophy stalking on booking.

    The break down of my invoice was - 130 outing fee
    120 success fee - not disclosed at the time for a cull animal
    50 fee for the use of a rifle and ammunition - not disclosed

    All in all it has not done much to encourage me. If this is the normal going rate then I'll just take it on the chin and have to except I can't really afford to take up stalking as I certainly can't pay 300 every outing to build up experience. Maybe it was naive of me to not fully understand about 'hidden extras', but said stalker was aware I was a novice and I would have thought he might have made me aware?

    If this is all totally normal then I apologise, but would just like to know.


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    Always best to be aware of the potential costs of a stalking outing up front!
    As a novice you may not have been aware of the questions that needed asking in order for you to know the costs. On the other hand the figures you quote do seem steep for a cull animal (I hesitate to say you've been ripped off but I'm sure you'll bottom out all the fees before booking another outing). You can find reliable stalking providers in your area much more competitively priced!!

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    Hello Mark.

    This is a topic that comes up once in a while on here but the key thing is to make sure the pricing architecture is clear beforehand. The outing fee is pretty reasonable at 130. 120 kill fee for a cull animal is a bit steep. The key thing here is that the largest part of the price wasn't made clear up front, which isn't really on. For what it's worth, SikaMalc on here, if he has any availability left, will take you out culling fallow and roe does in the winter for 150 for two outings, no kill fees, no hidden extras, and you can buy the venison if you like. But that's really all that it costs. I would say that I've found that booking a long time in advance helps. Typically I find myself with a system of rolling bookings made about six months in advance. It's a bit like aeroplane tickets, the last minute ones are more expensive. Unless you're in standby but then you need flexibility.

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    What was the cull animal you shot muntjac , roe / fallow buck ?

    Id expect a cull animal / buck this time of year to be about 160 ish all in per outing and rising accordingly if medal quality

    If it were doe season between 90-120 all in per outing (some do good winter cull deals)
    I.e 6 outing 500 all in etc

    Using the guides rifle doesn't normally carry a cost other than at most 2-3 per fired round used

    all give or take depending

    an outing is usually 4 hours but just depends

    you could name and shame to stop people being ripped off
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    I didn't think it was allowed to "rent" a rifle or charge for ammo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    I didn't think it was allowed to "rent" a rifle or charge for ammo?
    I think technically it is illegal, but as with most aspects of.firearms law it's unclear. Is he renting the rifle, or is he paying the guide eextra to "supervise" his borrowing of a rifle"
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    Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSimon View Post
    Is he renting the rifle, or is he paying the guide eextra to "supervise" his borrowing of a rifle"
    I think it's a consultancy fee...

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    Let's not beat around the bush for a cull animal you were had way too expensive and the non disclosure of the additional fees upfront was unacceptable if this was the case. But this happens in all aspects of life for instance I was recently had by Avis on a car rental which went from $300 at the point of booking to $900 at the end when all hidden costs were disclosed. Take it as a learning point your now way more informed for when it comes to booking your next stalk and the questions to ask when you verbalize the contract.

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    BIG THING - Did YOU ASK for the prices and what was included before going ? I kept asking people I was looking to book with for any cull fees, antler fees etc etc

    Some wanted 100 to go out, but 10 for every CM of antler and other prices or conditions like this. I found a guy who would take me out on 2 stalks (morning/evening) for a cull animal no extra costs unless you want the meet. The night before going we had those bloody thunder storms, so instead we went out in the evening that day after they shifted, and planned to go out the following morning.

    Saw plenty of deer (But just not the Roe buck I was after) and almost has a shot on a muntie but he disappeared very last minute. The next morning it was torrential rain and we didn't head out, invited me back up for a free day to make up for it. Hopefully be going out in the next two weeks and If I get something I will be very happy.

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    I wouldn't say that 130 outing fee for less than 2 hours is anywhere near reasonable ......

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