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Thread: Tray feeders - what height?

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    Question Tray feeders - what height?

    Our wheat supply is , like I suspect many others, a fairly mixed lot with plenty of chaff in it that seems to be designed to block spring feeders.

    We introduced tray feeders a couple of years ago and this resulted in a lot less work clearing springs of bits of wheat stalk etc., a more consistently available supply of feed, less issues with badgers and squirrels, and generally less hassle.

    This summer I converted the rest of the feeders from their original springs to trays.

    Preparing for the poults to arrive next week I noticed that the specifically purchased tray feeders are lower than the converted ones.

    Does anyone please know

    The ideal height off the ground for a tray / pan feeder ( height ground to pan)?
    The maximum height off the ground for a tray / pan feeder ( height ground to pan)?

    I have a feeling I might have to chop a bit off the legs of the converted feeders.

    These feeders are for pheasants from 8/9 week old through to the end of the season.

    Thanks in advance.

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    for adult birds (pheasant) i always used to set like many others my feeders at just touching the bottom of my knee cap, the actualy barrel part of the feeder that is and i cant see a tray type feeder being any differnt that that really as they hang quite low then just put sonthing like a concrete block under when the birds are poults

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    Thanks for the tought. I'll find some blocks

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    The legs are the weak point in the feeder, they will rot if not treated
    and you will end up cutting off the rotten bit and getting very stumpy feeders.
    so don't cut the legs off yet.
    for adults 10 inches for springs but 8 inches for tray feeders adults can stretch
    quite high but poults want to be lower to start with .
    MOST IMPORTANT is to make sure your poults can reach and feed.
    They are stupid enough to starve to death .
    the block idea good or a piece of ply on blocks for inside the pen.
    I use a 3" sawn off tree trunk underneath to give the birds some extra height
    scatter a few pellets on the block to give then the idea.
    Also have some feeders the same as the game farm had.
    you need a lot of feeders out for the first few days until the birds
    get used to your feeders. keep the pellets dry they spoil real quick.
    don't scatter pellets. you can scatter some mixed corn

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