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    Kimber Rifles

    Does anyone have experience of the 84M Syn/Stainless rifles by Kimber. I am looking to change from my current 243 custom job which is a great rifle but i find it a bit heavy. The Kimber jobs start about 5.5 lbs before you add scope , mod etc.

    I have read mixed reviews on American forums regarding accuracy and QC of some of their products.

    Other alternatives i was thinking about were Browning X Bolt and Thompson Centre Icon although i have not yet seen a retailer for the Thompsons in the UK.

    One of my main criterions with the new purchase will be the rifle must be fairly lightweight. Had a Tika Lite before and had no complaints but fancy something different.

    I will be selling my current rifle which is built on a Stiller action, Border Cut rifle barrel Contour 4 ( threaded with invisible cap), HS Stock and timney trigger and will put that in the classified in due course. It has only had about 50 rounds through it.

    Any viewpoint welcome


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    Apologies i have posted in the wrong section. Can it be moved by a moderator?

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    Search, there was a kimber thread not too long ago.

    I've handled one before, really light, but the stock is made for a very low mounted scope.
    If I'd need a lightweight hunting rifle I would look at the light howa action fitted with a sporter Lothar barrel chopped at 18 - 20" in 7-08, mated with a carbon stock.
    That'll be close to Kimber weight but I'd have more faith in it.

    At the moment I'm using a remmy 243 sporter with a stock under 700 grams, which makes
    it already very handy.


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    A friend of mine shoots a kimber same model as your enquiry but in 260 he is very impressed with the rifle both in accuracy and q/c, weight wise great to carry and very little recoil for it's weight once moderated.
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    I'm not sure I'd agree with getting rid of a custom Stiller actioned build for a factory rifle, you might be better off seeing if you can shed some weight off your barrel, I'm sure Border would be willing to shorten in and flute it, though it'd probably need a reproof...

    Another option would be to invest in an action wrench and barrel clamp, then have another shorter fluted barrel fitted - then you can swap barrels when you fancy it.

    And then get one of Edi's stocks to shed a load more weight off... (Which is what I'm doing )

    If you do decide to sell the Stiller, I'm sure someone will bite your arm off!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck View Post
    Other alternatives i was thinking about were Browning X Bolt and Thompson Centre Icon although i have not yet seen a retailer for the Thompsons in the UK.

    Any viewpoint welcome


    I believe Viking Arms are the UK importer for Thompson/Centre Arms Eddie.


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    Thanks Chris

    That means a few dealers in my area such as Continental Shooting could source these


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    Brian Fox
    Is the man to talk to re Kimber's

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    Yes I hear that Brian Fox has a good reputation but his view is unlikely to be unbiased as he retails the Kimber Range.


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    Yes and no. For the super light weights, they are in a class by themselves. Personally, I like a little more heft in my rifles, but I like larger calibers as well. There is nothing worse than shooting a lightweight 300 win mag. And I own more than a few rifles bigger than a 300. If it is just a straight hunting rifle, there are better values. I prefer the CZ550's, for example. And you won't cry when you scratch one. Browning makes a fine firearm as well. I just got to looking at my Browning Stainless Stalker in 338 win mag the other day. It has been my go to hunting rifle for a long time. I've seen surplus guns in better shape. Hunting really takes a toll. I've always kept it clean and maintained, and it still shoots and handles like the gem that it is. Lots of scratches though. That's inevitable if you hunt hard. That's what I bought the gun for. I paid $500 for it 16 or 17 years ago, and it has served me well. That was a lot of money for a gun back then. Kimber rifles are very nice and accurate, and if you still plan on using it 20 years down the road, it's really a pretty small investment. How many years will your truck or atv last. I'll bet I have another 20 years in my Browning.

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