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    And I use the title in all of it's meanings, especially the one used on the streets, how can these people warrant any bonus, when they can't even credit someones account with a paid in cheque, just looked on line & I am the recipient of a cheque for a totally incorrect amount, Mrs Finnbear paid in yesterday & has a stamped / initialled counterfoil for a totally different amount! As for the airhead in Mumblebye
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    Are you dyslexic can't tell B from W

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    I take it that it wasn't in your favour Steve,they've probably been told they have to save up for next years bonus somehow.

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    While I sympathise with you I think you'll find that the low pay retail bank workers are responsible for this, rather than the high flying investment bankers...
    I've spent a number of years working in the financial industry (NOT AS A BANKER) and have always been amazed at the level of manual work that goes into reconciling accounts.

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    People go on about these bankers 'taking' these bonuses and there is outrage, which in the most part (the excess to which they can earn) l do agree with. But the bare facts are that these bankers are recruited, contracted, as such have signed employment contracts on their chosen role and performance...and l’m afraid to say if l was a banker and l 'earned' my bonus then l would take it.

    In the job l do now l have a company related performance bonus, guess what! No bonus for the last two years - before that l had a fairly decent payout, if someone then said to me that it was wrong to take it - l'd tell them where to go - it's what’s in my contract and in the course of my job, i've earned it! I'm sure they probably feel the same. Whats more is that l think you'll find those that did the damage have swiftly cleared off to the Hartfordshire countryside sat back in their 500K houses and 2 acres with ponies etc - dabbling with stocks and shares to pass the time.

    Perhaps their bonuses should be capped? Perhaps we should cap those of the BT, British Gas, E on (complete t&ats) or Tesco’s and the police?! There are a lot of people in wide range of industries that are keeping their heads down getting their bonus's right now which are comparable to that of the bankers...

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    I think the issue with the bankers bonus is that they are now picking up bonuses for work done when they were still blagging dodgy trust funds and worthless mortgages, now when all that dirt has come to light, and the true value of their work has come home to roost, they still think they are entitled to the bonus. Nick Leeson and the french bloke get sacked, not because they did what everyone else was doing, but because they couldnt hide it well enough. Leemans, RBS and all the others made the same schoolboy mistake, they thought that money would keep coming, house prices would rise forever and nobody would ever catch them. The convinced themselves and everyone else that stocks, shares, mortgages, hedgefunds etc make wealth when they dont, because all the figures they push about have nothing behind them but more figures. Then the govt are stupid enough to think that by printing more bank notes, with no more collateral (because silly ******** Brown sold our gold reserves at his own personal boot fair) will solve the issue.

    The great pound note is just that, a promisary note to pay the bearer on demand the sum of one pound sterling, we havent got enough gold to cover all the notes which makes us bankrupt.
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